Condoleezza Rice PhD Thesis


Condoleezza Rice PhD Thesis: Political Career. In 2004 and 2005, Condoleezza Rice was recognized the most influential woman in the world by Forbes magazine's, and in 2006 - the second-leading. Condoleezza Rice PhD thesis: Biography. Condoleezza Rice is the 66th United States Secretary of State and is serving her second term. Writing Condoleezza Rice PhD thesis, you have to point out some biography facts. Condoleezza Rice was born on 14th November 1954 in Birmingham, Alabama. She is the Continue reading

Comparison Thesis


Comparison ThesisThe comparison thesis should include both the comparison and contrast. These are the main two elements of comparison thesis writing and you should devote equal attention to both. There is a wide range of topics for the comparison thesis writing: from the color of the socks to the most powerful voices of the 20th century. This page is written with the purpose of giving you several fundamental ideas on comparison thesis writing. In addition, you may also request professional Continue reading

Bachelor Thesis


Bachelor Thesis Writing Requires Responsibility Before start writing a bachelor thesis, you should define what it is. Let's see what is a bachelor's degree? It is usually an academic degree conferred students for an undergraduate course that generally continues for about four years, but the term may vary from two to six years depending on the specialization. Bachelor thesis writing is a very important business, which gives you the title, such as a Bachelor of Civil Law, the Bachelor of Music, Continue reading

Argumentative Thesis


Argumentative ThesisThe most difficult kind of thesis writing is argumentative thesis. The writer must be logical in writing and justify all claims done in a thesis. The reasoning must be backed up with the research materials, study results, articles, statistics, and other reliable information. Arguments are not only persuasive words and phrases; they include reasoning and facts. It will be interesting if you manage to include pubic opinion to make your argumentative thesis original. If you do Continue reading

Animal Rights Thesis


Animal Rights Thesis: They Also Breathe! “Humanity is not determined by how we communicate with people, and on how to behave with animals”, - this is Chuck Palahniuk’s quotation. And he is absolutely right! Animal Rights Thesis: Animals - Part of the Moral Community. If you have chosen to write animal rights thesis to write, you must be faithful protector of animals. In your animal rights thesis you should point out that, animal liberation is an idea consists in the fact Continue reading

Amphetamine Smuggling Thesis


Amphetamine Smuggling Thesis Thesis is a big research project.  Usually, thesis should be written as preparation for the large project, such as a dissertation. If you are writing amphetamine smuggling thesis and need some help you can 1) review the sample thesis below, 2) check samples in our blog or 3) try our custom thesis writing services. We can help you with any step of thesis writing. Excerpts from Amphetamine Smuggling Thesis However, other types of evidence suggest a dopaminergic Continue reading

American Dream Thesis


American Dream Thesis: Chasing the American Dream. The American dream is a phenomenon, which means the ideal of U.S. residents; usually this is a standard beginning in writing American dream thesis. Depending on different meanings it can mean several different variations. The most frequently ‘American dream’ is used to denote high living standards, such as own house, at least one car, high-paying work, glory, high social class and security, however, may also indicate the Continue reading

A Thesis Paper


A Thesis Paper: A Master’s Thesis Guide. A thesis report is an academic document that students have to create at any level of academic study. Sometimes, students have to write thesis reports periodically while they work on their thesis papers. In other cases, a thesis report may refer to the actual thesis itself. So, what is it a thesis paper? A thesis paper is a small document, which students should create in order to convey thoughts along the way while working on the thesis. A Continue reading

A Sample Thesis


A Sample Thesis: What Is It? In is necessary to find out what a thesis statement mean. A thesis statement claim what you are going to prove. A quality thesis statement makes the difference between a clever research project and a simple ascertaining of facts. A good thesis will help you to concentrate your seeking information. But first of all you have to do a lot of pre-reading before you know enough about a subject to find out key questions. You have to choose a problem and find as much Continue reading

A Good Thesis


A Good Thesis: How to Write a Good Thesis? What is a thesis? A thesis statement declares what you believe and what you are going to prove. A good thesis statement makes the difference between a clever research project and a simple retelling of facts. But do not be in a hurry! You must do a lot of preparatory reading before you know enough about a subject to identify key or important questions. You may not know all the aspect of the question, until you have examined the argument. You will Continue reading