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A good application essay is never enough to enter the top university. The competition between prospective students is so high, that you need to come up with something special, unique, and convincing. And we know how to help you with this!

Send us your essay - we'll edit it so that it will become the best presentation of your capacity!

Essay editing services: Why order here

You cannot risk anything when it comes to such a life-changing project as a college essay. Fresh ideas, conciseness, an engaging story, timeliness are of equal importance.

Editors of understand all the peculiarities of admissions essays. Taking such tasks with particular attention and utmost seriousness, we bring effective results. This is the main reason why people prefer our proofreading and editing service.

Arguments in favor of our essays editing service

It is always a far-sighted solution to turn to our editors for help.

1. Brilliant application essays are guaranteed

As an outcome of our essay editing, you get a qualitatively new result. Your document is thoroughly checked and rewritten in accordance with generally accepted rules, current trends of the college culture, as well as your individual preferences.

For this purpose, we use the combination of the following strengths:

  • our editors' competent knowledge in the sphere of academic writing (to eliminate spelling and punctuation errors);
  • the creative energy of our writers and essay editors (for awesome ideas and non-standard solutions);
  • research skills of our assistants (to study requirements and priorities of your university);
  • well-thought-out management system (to control the quality of editing and proofreading process);
  • cutting-edge technologies (for fast communication and file exchange).

2. On-time delivery of the essay, no matter what

Admissions officers are not going to wait until the applicant solves his/her issues and finally sends the documents and a personal statement with an essay, in particular. With respect to schedules and time frames in the sphere of education, we always meet deadlines. Moreover, urgent orders are available too.

3. Reliable and honest editing cooperation

Your orders on our website are absolutely confidential. Neither college admissions officers nor professors will know about your cooperation with this service. Firstly, we have a strict privacy policy. Secondly, we respect your right to stay anonymous.

4. Customer support is available day and night

Our experience shows that clients might require urgent assistance, or their time zones do not match ours. So we have established 24/7/365 support via live chat. This is how users of this portal can get consultations or place the order whenever they want.
Whether you are from New York, Abu Dhabi, London, or any other city, go to our chat at any time.

5. It does not cost you too much to hire our admission editors

It is not expensive to place your order on our editing assistance (at least, it is cheaper than writing the whole document). Make sure our agency is student-friendly, and this approach impacts the prices.
Importantly, the amount of money you pay for our services absolutely corresponds to the excellence of the edited admissions documents.

The college admissions process does not seem overwhelming if you have a good friend nearby. Our editor can become your trustworthy helper with application essays and even more. Please, register on this website and enjoy our support throughout your student years and graduate school.

Application essays editing: What it covers

Unlike some other proofreading services, we are not restricted to checking language errors in your essay, and that's it. Our specialists apply various techniques and methods to strengthen your document in all respects.

1. Detailed proofreading service

Our admissions essay editing starts with grammar checking. Your document is revised by a professional specializing in spelling, punctuation, and other nuances of orthography. This editor eliminates all possible typos, wrong symbols, misused words, sentence structure mistakes, etc.

2. Style improvement of your admissions essay

A college application essay differs from the texts you used to write at high school. On the one hand, it should not be composed in the strict academic manner of writing. On the other hand, slang and chaotic putting thoughts on paper are not acceptable.

Our experienced editors know how to set the proper tone for your essay. Within our stylistic editing service, we enhance:

  • tone and voice,
  • the flow of thoughts,
  • the word choice,
  • meaningfulness and the core message of your admissions essay.

3. Adjustment of the college application paper to the particular goal

The best admissions essay is the one that is composed for one specific university faculty. You cannot simply send one document to several educational institutions as it looks like you do not care about where to study and send spam to everyone. Experts highly recommend creating one unique document for every purpose.
Of course, it sounds tedious, yet with our services, everything goes easier and faster. Our editor makes your paper fit in the culture and the style of your chosen college and the field of study.

Students are free to order any sort of professional editing on our site. Make sure, you understand what exactly you require - let's discuss your issues and expectations from the final edited document. Our support services are available 24/7.

Why you can count on our admissions editors

We have built our essay editing business on fair relations between our team members and an honest attitude to clients. Years of experience convinced us that this principle really works.

The honest and transparent price

Every prospective student has a right to know the precise price of our service before he/she places the order.

For this purpose, one can use our convenient online calculator and receive an instant quote. We can explain all the nuances of the price on our admissions essay editing service. As a rule, it depends on the word count and the urgency.

Safe essay editing service

Apart from the fair cookies policy and following the "all rights reserved" principle, we guarantee secure payments and data exchange. We have considered the priority of safety when writing our code of conduct.

For now, students can be absolutely sure about our trustworthiness.

Editing experience

Years of work in the sphere of education give us maturity and knowledge. Due to them, our editor reads students' orders between the lines, notices the smallest mistakes, finds new effective ways to enhance the paper, etc.

We are interested in your success

When writing or editing your papers, we sincerely want you to achieve high accomplishments. Students' orders constitute an opportunity for our development. Every personal statement and essay that we improve is a contribution to our professional growth.

Situations when to choose our admissions essay editing assistance

Colleges, universities, and other educational institutions want to see unique and talented young people among their students. Apart from your school achievements, they want to learn what a person you are.

The answer to this question is the core message of the admissions essay, and our editor is willing to help you with it.

✓ English is not your native language

Do not worry about your spelling errors if English is your second or even third language. Due to our admissions essay editing assistance, all of them will be eliminated.

✓ You are short on time to check your college application essay

Writing a personal statement and an essay might take several days. So students often lack time to revise these documents thoroughly.

Do not worry if you encounter this issue - place your order and receive your ideally edited papers in the shortest terms.

✓ You apply to a top-ranked educational institution

Effective admissions essay editing can become extremely useful for you, especially when the competition among prospective students is great. In this case, the cost of a mistake is high.

Do not let typos and grammar mistakes overshadow your value. Our specialists enhance your document significantly by detecting all possible mistakes and improving weak places.

✓ You are not sure about the perfection of your essay

Apparently, young people rarely compose such papers as a personal statement or an essay. It is difficult to train to write them as you are not aware of admissions officers' expectations. Besides, colleges' requirements for application essays constantly change. It can be about the word count or the manner of presentation, for instance.

A professional editing agency is just what you need in this case. We are aware of all the modern trends and standards, and we are ready to apply this knowledge to your order.

Pillars of our editing business

Students can be absolutely sure about our reliability. This statement is proven by our crystal-clear reputation. Everything starting from the cookies policy and to the final edits of your text is undertaken on honest terms.

✓ We work with the thought of our users and customers

Whatever makes you think about help with essays, please, turn to our employees. Our editing services are available day and night so that you could solve issues at any time.

Check out the convenience of our site; we have established pretty good usability. It is due to our developers who applied appropriate techniques (i.e. toggle navigation).

✓ Uniqueness is our crucial principle

Alongside honest enterprises, we use only unique content for our site, as well as offer only our own ideas for the improvement of your essays. We protect our rights as Copyright Scribendi Inc. does. And of course, we respect others' rights too.

✓ Low-cost editing services

The price is a decisive factor for many young people. Keeping this fact in mind, we have tried our best to make it affordable for most of them.

The cost of our essay editing assistance does not include extra profit. There are only several factors influencing it:

  • the amount of work to be done (the word count);
  • the deadline;
  • the level of the desired result (there is an opportunity to opt for a top author on our site);
  • additional work (writing services are available too).

For your convenience, we offer an instant quote. Our online calculator and consultations on the live chat help us with that.

The variety of admissions essay editing and writing enterprises is wide today. You might have already heard somewhere about EssayEdge, WordVice, or copyright Scribendi Inc. But why wasting time on further search and negotiation if you have already found the best one?

What people say about our admissions essays editing services

We are glad that we have helped thousands of young people across the globe. Our clients are current students of Drexel University, the University of California, New York Medical College, Canada Centre of Excellence, and many others.

The desire to get a college or university education deserves praise, and we want to support you in this endeavor too. Here are several fragments from our real customers' reviews.

"...I have sent my essay to Essayedge, Wordvice, and this website and received three worthy results. However, impressed me most of all. Their editor undertook great work. It seems they read my thoughts and did everything I wanted..."
(screen name WordVice/Client)

"...I was so nervous while writing my essay for the university. My dream to study at the *** University depended on this document. I sent the piece of my writing to guys from this site, and their editor hinted several awesome ideas, as well as corrected my mistakes. One more - the price was rather low (it depended on the word count)..."
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"I am not a native English speaker, still I decided to apply to one of the American universities. I have been studying English for 10 years at school, yet it is not enough for writing a superb essay.
Luckily, I found this website by recommendations of some students, and I am really happy with the results. They sent my file in less than 24 hours and rewrote my text significantly!"
(screen name Helen-Mariana Martínez-Pérez)

We do not doubt that you are a worthy candidate for your dream college. Yet with an improved essay from our editors, you get better chances to get accepted. Let us make your application process easier and more fruitful. Place the order and enjoy the result!