American Dream Thesis


American Dream Thesis: Chasing the American Dream.

The American dream is a phenomenon, which means the ideal of U.S. residents; usually this is a standard beginning in writing American dream thesis.

Depending on different meanings it can mean several different variations. The most frequently ‘American dream’ is used to denote high living standards, such as own house, at least one car, high-paying work, glory, high social class and security, however, may also indicate the intellectual life. In your American dream thesis you may mention that is a universally accepted fact, the stereotype.

According to Americans themselves, American dream is based on individual liberty and free enterprise. Also, the concept of the American dream is often associated with immigrants, who came to America in search of a better life.

The American Dream Thesis is a creative work, based on the heart of all American icons, which controls everyone’s acts and deeds. People seek for achieving their dream, to be more successful then their ancestors. Though achieving and being successful is very hard today. The American dream is in all Americans’ minds daily.

American Dream Thesis: Bill Gates- The embodiment of the American Dream.

As an example of American dream thesis, I would like to say about Bill Gates. Today, according to the Forbes magazine, the state of Bill Gates is estimated at 90 billion U.S. This fact put him at first place in the list of richest people in the world, who independently made his fortune.

Bill Gates owns more than $ 71 billion. Huge financial capabilities make Gates truly all powerful. Is a dream come true?

So who is he? Most likely, Bill Gates is the one, who consists with the all qualities necessary to achieve success and happiness.

The example of Bill Gates can only learn us and give an opportunity to write American dream thesis. He took destiny in his hands and made it successful! Except that fact that he made himself rich and successful, he brought an important part in the development of all mankind!

American Dream Thesis: Henry Ford – The American Dream Witness.

As second example of American dream thesis, I would like to propose you the history of Henry Ford. Henry Ford Corporation founder’s life is the embodiment of the American dream: he was born in a poor family, became rich and famous. Ford has built the largest industrial production facility in early XX century, and it earned him a billion dollars.

The secrets of success from Henry Ford:

  • Use your dream, deep childhood experiences as the mover of success.
  • Successfully marrying.
  • Accept the difficulties as a challenge.
  • To make a living legend.

In the American dream thesis, we can not but mention that the difficulties only helped Ford go ahead and make his own dream come true. The newcomer success led to believe in his geniuses.

Therefore, no need to be afraid of difficulties! They push us forward - the biography of Ford's proves it. It should be the key phrase in American dream thesis.

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