Comparison Thesis


Comparison Thesis

The comparison thesis should include both the comparison and contrast. These are the main two elements of comparison thesis writing and you should devote equal attention to both. There is a wide range of topics for the comparison thesis writing: from the color of the socks to the most powerful voices of the 20th century. This page is written with the purpose of giving you several fundamental ideas on comparison thesis writing. In addition, you may also request professional custom thesis writing service at our site. Our writers are educated and reliable; we can handle any project and guarantee delivery on time.

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Comparison Thesis Essentials

Firstly, comparison thesis needs two or more components which can be compared. You may include the following statements in your comparison thesis: this paper compares two …; they are similar; but the difference is …; one major difference is…; in many ways they are distinguished by…. Of course, logical and detailed analysis of the compared objects will make your comparison thesis better. Try to avoid general sentences about differences and similarities, but rather focus on specifics and interesting details.

Comparison Thesis Topic Presentation

Try to develop the topic from the very beginning – say two leading sentences about each subject and then transform them into the thesis statement which consists of several points to be discussed in your comparison thesis. If you just say that “this thing” and “that thing” is very similar or very different, the reader will have the question: “Why?” if there are no statements supporting your claim. Thus, do not write general statements because such sentences require judgment and you will be asked where it is.

Comparison Thesis:  The Beginning

When the topic is known and the outline is prepared, it is the right time to start writing. Follow these simple rules:

  1. Comparison thesis should present the subjects of comparison to the reader in the introductory paragraph
  2. The thesis statement should include all points of comparison you will explore (not an easy task)
  3. Devote at least one paragraph to each point of comparison
  4. Ensure that subjects get equal attention and sufficient space
  5. Proofread your comparison thesis several times prior to submission

Comparison Thesis: Custom Writing

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