Argumentative Thesis


Argumentative Thesis

The most difficult kind of thesis writing is argumentative thesis. The writer must be logical in writing and justify all claims done in a thesis. The reasoning must be backed up with the research materials, study results, articles, statistics, and other reliable information. Arguments are not only persuasive words and phrases; they include reasoning and facts. It will be interesting if you manage to include pubic opinion to make your argumentative thesis original.

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Regarding argumentative thesis topics, you may single out the certain problem for the discussion, address debates, and provide proof of your point of view. Traditionally, argumentative thesis includes the following elements:

  • Introduction should illustrate your topic clearly, include reasons for the topic choice, and state your specific point of view on the topic. Thesis sentence should reflect on the main thesis idea.
  • Body paragraphs should include both proof of your point of view and disproof of the opposite arguments. You may also place disproof at the end of the argumentative thesis. Usually, the specifics of the format and structure are clearly outlined by the teacher.
  • Supporting arguments are the most important parts of your argumentative thesis. You should pay attention to the facts only to separate opinions and assumptions from proven statements.
  • Conclusion is the final part of argumentative thesis. You may refer to the examples mentioned in the introduction. You should keep in mind that conclusion is a wrong place to introduce new ideas!

Argumentative Thesis Advices

  • Topic choice – pay attention to your interests, field of work, current debates, etc. Avoid writing about the topics which have been already explored by many authors (rights of gays, for example). Such topics are boring and you can hardly add something new to the debate.
  • Writing strategy – decide on the writing strategy and follow it closely. It can be brainstorming, daily writing, note taking, etc.
  • Be logical – remember that logical writing is the most important advice. If your essay is illogical, you will fail to argue your position.

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