How to Write a Thesis

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How to Write a ThesisIn some way, thesis writing is very similar to writing other academic papers. However, the complexity of the paper does not lie only in its size. If you want to know how to write a thesis, you should keep in mind that a thesis is something more than a too long paper, and writing a thesis has certain peculiarities. As the best advice comes from those who have actually “been there”, our recommendations on how to write a thesis may turn out much useful to you. So, [...]

How to Write a 10 Page Term Paper

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How to Write a 10 Page Term PaperOnce students are assigned to write a 10 page term paper, they give way to despair. The task seems to be too complicated due to the size of the work. However, it is possible to cope with it successfully if you plan your writing steps properly and break the entire paper into smaller units. In this article, some useful recommendations on how to do it are presented. You may also find it helpful to review dissertation writing guide and try coursework help English [...]

APA Case Study

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APA Case Study: APA Format APA case study format (American Psychological Association) commonly used for citing resources within the social sciences. APA Case Study: Tips APA format case study should be typed with double-space. The paper should be standard-sized with 1" margins on all sides. Try to use 10-12 pt. Times New Roman font or a similar font. Include a page header at the right top corner of every page. To create a page header put the page numbers in top right [...]

Free Admission Essay Sample

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Free Admission Essay SampleThis custom-written essay was delivered to L*a Alv*rado, who turned out to be a fraudulent person. You are free to contact us for additional information about this person. Evaluate a significant experience and its impact on you. This year was a compilation of firsts for me. It was the first time I had to say goodbye to someone for the last time. It was the first time I picked up my sketchbook in over three years and realized how much I liked drawing and the kind [...]

Writing Case Study

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Writing Case Study: Techniques and Useful Ideas Developing an effective case study is some kind of an art. And what’s more, writing case study without careful planning usually results not in the best way. Writing Case Study: Techniques Involving the customer into the case study development process helps ensure customer cooperation and approval and results in an improved case study. Get customers permission before writing the document, secure approval after drafting the document. [...]

Writing Analysis Report

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Writing Analysis Report: The Can-do Approach Writing analysis report is considered to be the most difficult among other report types that are practiced in decision-making. Besides presentation of the data, a problem is analyzed, alternatives, consequence, and recommendations are given in the analysis report. The sticky end of the stick is that existing analysis report examples are not very helpful, as long as they do not fit in each specific case; studying them you can only learn about typical [...]

Process Analysis Paper

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Process Analysis Paper: Useful Ideas If commonly speaking about process analysis paper, it should be mentioned that this kind of paper is considered to be a step-by-step instruction for doing something. When the student is engaged with process analysis paper writing, he or she has to give some definite advices to the readers at the subject how to fulfill or achieve something. For example, you are a great cook and have a lot of chief recipes in your notebook, why not to share one of them with [...]

Analysis Essay

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Analysis Essay: How To Write It Easy An analysis essay is a paper that makes a critical estimation of the text, concept or behavior. Unlike many other types of essays, which include the views of the author, analysis essay format examines your topic in a scientific way, it tries to find the way in which the object of analysis acts and operates. Analysis Essay: Steps To Follow Choose a literary work and an element, or multiple elements. This is the most important thing you will need to [...]

Writing Critique Guidelines

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Writing Critique Guidelines: Get Immediate Help It does not matter what kind of the assignment you have to cope with either with writing critique paper or with writing critique guidelines, still you will feel like having professional help. You see, when you have a proper experience in such assignments as writing critique guidelines or writing critique papers, it is not so difficult for you to succeed in writing without some additional help. However, when this is your first time to complete [...]

A Process Analysis Essay

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A Process Analysis Essay: Find The Best Way To Write It Process analysis essays usually are directions. They explain how to do something, how something works, or how something happens. They present the steps of the process in chronological order, from first one to last. To write a process analysis essay you will need to understand the steps that are involved in the process, how they relate to one another and how they lead us to the end result. A Process Analysis Essay: The Most Important Steps [...]