Racism Essays


Racism Essays

School segregation is one of the modern examples of racism in the United States.  Writing racism essays, you should take into account that oppression of African Americans and slavery are not the only topics to focus your paper on.  There is a wide range of interesting subtopics.  Explore racism related issues and you will definitely find the most interesting topic.  Below is a short sample of essay on school segregation:

Racism Essay Sample

….Since the Supreme Court declared school segregation unconstitutional, 28 millions of Black Americans and many whites, including tens of thousands of clergy and hundreds of thousands of youth, have marched, sat in, demonstrated and picketed, gone to jail, suffered beatings and the thrust of cattle prods in the struggle for human decency and equality. Men, women and children have died as heroes and victims in this campaign. After all the militant actions, how do we evaluate the results? There have been gains. Not to see this would be a disservice to the struggle. Some of the solid walls of segregation and discrimination have been broken down. There has been some progress in every area. But it has been painfully slow and limited. To fail to see how stubbornly the Establishment resists full equality would also be a disservice. Disproportionate joblessness, wretched housing and a degrading ghetto existence are still the fate of the great majority of Black people, as they are, in one degree or another, of the Puerto Rican and Chicano people.

Therefore, the people of the United States must ask again and again, what forces so stubbornly resist and obstruct the nonviolent elimination of this shameful heritage? What are the roots of its persistence? Who are the main perpetrators? The affliction is embedded in the very fabric of U.S. capitalism. Racism has been and is still the policy of every major corporation in America. Racism is inherent in Big Business.

It is a method of squeezing maximum profits from the labor of all who toil. It is an instrument for maintaining, in the halls of Congress and in state and city legislative bodies, reactionary blocs of antidemocratic, antilabor and anti-Black politicans. It is an effective device for keeping the working class divided. White supremacy is a central pillar in the ideology of U.S. imperialism. It is this that explains the stubborn persistence of racism and bigotry.

At stake in the civil rights issue are all past gains of our people. The stubborn resistance by the forces of reaction unifies and strengthens the ultra-Right coalition. The nuclear war maniacs, the rabid antilabor crowd, the antidemocratic, profascist gangs, the professional anti-Semites, the anti-Communist racketeers -- all now gravitate toward unity with the Southern racists, the KKK and similar groups. This is indeed a crystallization of reaction, an alliance that can open the gates to fascism. And open racism flows through all their veins…

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