Persuasive Papers


Persuasive Papers: No Reasons to Be Afraid

Students are often afraid of writing persuasive papers. They try to avoid them, postpone the writing till the last day making the task much more difficult in this way. Thus, a persuasive paper becomes one of the most terrible tortures that a student can imagine. But what is the reason of such behavior? They just do not know how to write persuasive papers. They do not know that the matter point of writing of such papers is the ability to prove one’s own viewpoints and persuade others.

Persuasive papers: let’s study to persuade others!

How to write a good persuasive paper? What should you keep in mind? Let’s consider the main aspects!

To persuade others in something, first of all, you should know this SOMETHING very well. So, before writing any of persuasive papers you should study the subject properly. You should be well-prepared. Find as much information on the topic as you can. You may make use of various books, newspapers, journals or different documents. Do not forget to write down some examples, quotations or observations. They may help you make your arguments undeniable and persuade your reader.

Make a clear thesis statement for your persuasive paper. What are you going to persuade your reader in? A thesis statement should be narrow enough to make your writing easier. So,

  1. define an aspect of the topic that is the most interesting for you;
  2. put down your ideas about this issue (make your suggestions, express your attitude to the problem) and
  3. make a thesis statement.

Remember: all your ideas should be clear. The best way is to make an outline for your paper. You may state the main points there that you are going to highlight. Due to such an outline your paper will have the logical structure.

One should stress that even your writing manner should demonstrate certainty and confidence. There should be no words like “maybe”, “probably”, “perhaps” or something like that. You should be sure of what you are writing! So, “there is no doubt”, “it goes without saying”, “the fact prove that”, “certainly”! It is such words and word-combinations that will help you to prove your viewpoint. Do not forget each your idea, argument or suggestion should be supported with the true information. So, the more examples and quotations your paper will contain, the more persuasive it will be.

So, keep in mind this information! It will help you in writing any of persuasive papers.

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