Reflection Paper


Reflection Paper: How to Write a Good Reflection Paper?

When you got an assignment to write a reflection paper, a lot of questions may occur to you. How to prepare for writing? What to begin with? In what way should you organize your work? Of course, every student wants to write his/her assignment paper well and get high points. So, in what way can one write a good reflection paper? That must be the main question that you want to get the answer for.

A reflection paper… What should it be?

A reflection paper is written in response to some reading that you have been provided with by your professor. When writing a reflection paper you should not just express your attitude to what you have read. As it becomes clear from the very notion you should reflect: put your thoughts about the problems raised in this work, discuss the author’s opinion or even suggest your own ideas concerning the issue. At the same time it should be short, clear and logical writing.

So, what constituent parts should your writing include if you want to write a good reflection paper?

  1. Profound studying of the paper subject. It goes without saying that you should know what you are going to write your reflection paper about. Actually, to be sure that students have read what they have had to is one of the main purposes of giving such an assignment. However, you should not just read but study. First of all, that means that you should read it twice at least. While making breaks and after the whole reading you should make notes. Write down the main points, some descriptions and quotations. That will help you discuss the reading.
  2. Thorough analysis. You should analyze the reading. Evaluate the reading; express your own attitude to it. Define the main idea, the author’s opinion concerning the problems discussed. In what way are these problems highlighted? Express your thoughts about this matter. Such analysis will help you develop your critical skills.
  3. Making an outline. Before writing your reflection paper you should make an outline of it. Determine the main points you want to discuss in your paper and put them into a kind of plan. Such an outline will help you write a well-structured paper.
  4. Clear writing. Pay attention: your writing should be clear and logical. It will show you ability to express your thoughts in the understandable for your audience form. The usage of such transitional words and phrases as “for example”, “firstly”, “secondly”, “to my mind”, “such opinion is supported by the fact that” will help you in that.

Thus, keep in mind these pieces of advice, do your best and you will manage to write a really good reflection paper.

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