Writing a Literary Critique

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Writing a Literary Critique: How to Deal with The purpose of writing a literary critique is as follows: to examine and evaluate the item under consideration, however, not to criticize it in a negative way. This item can be either a work of literature or some aspect of the work of literature; it depends upon the task you have received in your higher educational establishment. For example, you may receive a task to deal with writing a novel critique in whole, or some of its character in [...]

Double Spaced Essay

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Double Spaced Essay: In Favor or against It? A lot of arguing one can see around double spaced essay, as some colleges consider it to be the only way of arranging essay and all the other academic papers, meanwhile, others, state that only one space between paragraphs should be used according to the latest norms and requirements from essay writing. Well, if speaking about the rules and demands from academic writing, it should be stressed that until 2008 it was a norm to write double space [...]

Discursive Essays on Euthanasia

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Discursive Essays on Euthanasia: How to Cope with It Euthanasia - pain, fear, sorrow, agony, despair, doubts, or maybe peace, relief, and oblivion... It is impossible to give an answer what is euthanasia in fact, especially, it is impossible to state anything if the person has come through this excruciating torment once. Of course, it is not simple at all to cope with such difficult and serious work as discursive essays on euthanasia. This topic is highly emotionally colored as it is devoted [...]

Discursive Essay on Smoking

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Discursive Essay on Smoking: Aspects to Be Mentioned One of the main problems students come across while writing their discursive essay on smoking is that they can not stay indifferent and neutral while writing. This topic really touches students as the majority of them are smokers themselves that is why when it comes to the ban of smoking they can not stay neutral and have a lot to say about this very problem in rather emotionally colored manner. As you know, any kind of discursive essay [...]

Discursive Essays

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Discursive Essays: Useful Advices for Writing If you have received a task to write a discursive essay that means that you have to forget about your own personal point of view you have and about your own treatment of the problem you are going to deal with in your discursive essay writing and just to present already existing points of view at the subject in scientific literature. You have to stay neutral while dealing with any topic of your discursive essay even if you think that you have much to [...]

Discursive Essay Abortion

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Discursive Essay Abortion: Useful Ideas for Writing Discursive essay presupposes objective presentation of the facts concerning this or that problem you are going to deal with in your essay. While writing discursive essay you have to present all the existing approaches to the problem you have made to be a topic for your academic writing. As they say, each medal has two sides and this phrase is the best one to characterize this piece of academic writing. Discursive essay presents both of the [...]

Relationship Analysis Paper

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Relationship Analysis Paper: What to Write about Relationship is the thing, which makes human beings to be human beings, which brings sense to life if these relationships make you feel happy or takes the desire to live away if these relationships are like a stone at your neck. From the relationships, the whole fate of the person depends. If he or she has pleasant relationships at work, in his or her family, in private life, such a person is considered to be happy. If relationships are not the [...]

Ideas for a Persuasive Essay

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Ideas for a Persuasive Essay: Let Us Cope with Them The task of writing persuasive essay is a rather challenging one as in order to write a good persuasive essay, you have to possess good persuading and researching skills. You see the main aim of any persuasive essay writing is to prove that the argument you present in your writing is true one and that all the ideas for a persuasive essay are relevant. It does not matter which ideas for a persuasive essay you are going to present in your piece [...]

Concept Essay

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Concept Essay: Useful Prompts Concept essay is devoted to the explanation of something you are going to make being a subject of your work. Even if you deal with some controversial and problematic topic, you do not have to show your own attitude towards this problem, everything you have to do while your concept essay writing is to inform the readers with the help of the facts taken from the reliable sources. If to compare concept essay to persuasive essay, while you are writing concept essay [...]

Problem and Solution Essay

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Problem and Solution Essay: Make a Research If you want to succeed in your problem and solution essay writing, never make use of any global topic while writing, such as for example, the problem of abortion, cancer, or war as it is just impossible to speak about such serious problems in the measures of simple problem and solution essays and of course, it is impossible to give a solution to these very problems. Think about what troubles you from day to day, which kind of problems you have in [...]