Pre Written Essays


Pre Written Essays

Pre written essays are sought by students for two reasons:  1) students do not want to write their own papers and they simply download pre written essays and submit them as their own or 2) student does know how to start writing and is seeking an example essay.  While the first group of students is committing an academic theft, pre written essays are the best source of information and guidance for students.  Here is a short sample pre written essay on the picture:

Pre Written Essays: Sample Excerpt

There are great differences between the picture that is before your eye and the environment as it is and as you see it to be. What you see and register is a close approximation to the environmental facts, departing widely from the data of the picture. The sizes of the real objects do not correspond to the sizes of their images in the picture, nor do the colors correspond.

Take first the matter of size. If a man who is standing ten feet from you moves away to a distance of twenty feet, his height in the eye's picture diminishes to half of what it was, and if he moves away to fifty feet it diminishes to one-fifth. This is a pure matter of geometry, which you can verify by using a device of the painters for measuring the picture size of an object: Take a pencil in your fist, hold it at arm's length, and mark off on it with your thumb so much space as is necessary to cover the object. If you first make an unaided estimate of the picture size of an object across the room, you will probably find your estimate pretty poor, and much poorer than your estimate of the real size of the same object. If two men are standing at different distances from you, you can instantly see which is really the taller; but their picture sizes are hard to compare. The picture size depends on two objective facts, the real size and the distance of the object; and you get these objective facts much better than you do the picture size which the eye directly gives you. Of course the picture size is of no practical consequence unless you happen to be making a picture yourself. Otherwise you are fully satisfied to break up picture size into its two objective factors, object size and distance.

It is the same with the colors of objects. The eye gives you a picture of a scene in which each object has its "picture color," but what you get is the "real color" of the object plus the illumination the object is receiving. Suppose as a novice in painting you undertook to paint a girl in a white dress standing in the shade of a tree. For the white dress you would probably use white paint, but then you would find the effect all wrong, the dress much too glaringly bright for anything standing in a shadow. You would have to paint that dress a fairly dark gray in order to reproduce the picture which your eye gives you.

Pre Written Essays: Custom Writing

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