Health and Social Care Coursework


Health and Social Care Coursework

Health and social care coursework should be based on a specific narrow topic.  You cannot title your paper as Health and Social Care Coursework.  You must provide a specific focus of your writing, justify the choice of the topic and develop a reasonable line of argumentation.  Your health and social care coursework should be not only descriptive but also analytical. Consider the following sample of health and social care coursework:

Health and Social Care Coursework Excerpt

Care of the child in the socialized home is of importance to the Soviet state in three respects. Release of the women from the burden of the family yields more labor units besides opening to mothers opportunity for a broader and more effective life. Centralization of child care gives the government power to protect the child and assure the welfare of the rising generation. It provides a means of doing exactly what the church in western countries has endeavored to do through church schools, and what public education is now doing the world over; that is, giving the child an education suitable to the ideals of the people. The law requires "parents, both father and mother, to support the children until they attain their majority, that is, to eighteen years of age. They must care for their health and education, and train them for future useful society. . . . Therefore, Soviet legislation imposes on parents the duty of protecting their children's rights and interests and of educating them in the spirit of the workers' state.

"If children for some reason are allowed to live with third persons, their parents may demand them back by civil action in a court of law, but the court must take into account only the interests of the children and their education. In case of dispute between the parents, as to who is to have the children, when the parents are divorced or separated, the court decides exclusively from the standpoint of the children's welfare." Cr?ches, kindergartens and playgrounds afford the means for child care. The cr?che that may take the child from two months to two or three years of age is so much a matter of physical health and care, both of mother and child, that it has been discussed in the former chapter on health.

Every factory visited either maintained a kindergarten, in co?peration with the Commissariats of Education and Health, or it provided places for the children of its workers, whether father or mother, in the district kindergarten. The kindergartens seen were universally bad, although the cr?ches were universally good. Development of playgrounds is of more recent origin. In 1930 the City of Moscow began to give corner lots to the Social Education Division of the Commissariat of Education so that in every group of squares there might be a children's garden under an instructor of organized play. The plan aims to prevent all street play by providing space for communal life in old as well as new districts. It aims also to stimulate manufacture of wholesome and productive toys, and not "silly ones."

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