Possible Term Paper Topics


Possible Term Paper Topics

Creation science vs. evolution, Genetic engineering, Homelessness, Euthanasia & assisted suicide, Pledge of Allegiance, Endangered Species, Organ Donation, Aging Population, Civil Rights, Racial Profiling, Drunk driving, Human Rights, World population, Children's rights, Alcohol & drinking, Gay Marriage, Disabilities Act, Acid Rain, Gangs, Drunk Driving, Animal Experimentation, War On Drugs, Language Policy, Famine Relief Efforts, Intellectual Property, Creationism, Moral Decisions, Civil rights, Organ & body donation, Nuclear proliferation, Sweatshops, Tobacco, American Education Reform, Cameras in Courtrooms, Sex Education, Missile Defense System, Adoption, City Curfews, Legal System, Civil Liberties, Bilingual Education, Global warming, Violence in schools, Legalization of marijuana, Immigration, Violence, Juvenile Crime, Social Welfare, Peace, Space Exploration, Physician-Assisted Suicide, Consumer Protection, Islamic Fundamentalism, Fathers'/Mothers' Rights In Divorce, Racial profiling, AIDS, Censorship, Environmental protection, Gun control, Affirmative action, Islamic Fundamentalism, Human Cloning, Minimum Wage, Dating Campus Issues, Campaign Finance Reform, Immigration, Garbage And Waste, Iraq, Fat Tax On Food, Federal Deficit, Family Violence, Agriculture Technology, Afghanistan, Smoking, Animal rights, Gender issues, Ethnic Violence, Intellectual Property, Foreign Policy, Dieting, Drug Policy, Social Welfare, War Crimes, Bilingual Education, Surrogate Mothers, Health Care System, Peer Pressure, Human Cloning, Speed Limits, Poverty, Same sex marriage, Homosexuality, Government vs. religion, Famine, Cuba, Amnesty, Endangered Oceans, Gay Rights, Legal System, Learning Disabilities, Islamic Fundamentalism Oceans, Living Wills, Biodiversity, Bio Fuels, Fraud, Garbage And Waste, Africa Aid, Women in the Military, Minorities, Pro Choice Movement, Zero Tolerance, Hate Crime, Antarctica Research, Gay Parents, Medical Ethics, Homeland Security, Terrorism, Binge drinking, Abortion, Welfare, Prayer in schools, Gangs, Death Penalty, Depression, Race Relations, Climate Change Policy, Agricultural Policy, Domestic Violence, Endangered, Endangered Species, Mass media Regulation, Conserving The Environment, Government Deregulation, Food Safety, Addiction, Gay Marriages, Academic Dishonesty, Organized Crime, Women's Rights, Chain Gangs, Anorexia Treatment, Water Pollution, Internet Hate Speech, Airline Safety Rules, Polygamy, Oil Spills, Legal System, Youth Violence, Computer Games.

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