Jane Eyre Coursework


Jane Eyre Coursework

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Jane Eyre Coursework Sample

'Jane Eyre,' published under the name of Currer Bell, was understood neither by the critics nor by the public. Who is this Currer Bell? -- man or woman? The audacity of the novel points to a man; its little details of dress to a woman; but then a man may get these minutiæ from his sister or wife. If a woman, she is unsexed. Perhaps she may be Becky Sharp, who is taking revenge for her treatment in 'Vanity Fair,' -- then appearing in monthly numbers. Doesn't Rochester strike you as a caricature of Thackeray? So rumor ran. In the interim ' Jane Eyre' was being widely read on both sides of the Atlantic. Here in the New England states it produced for some months what a reputable critic of the time called a Jane Eyre fever. Young women played the part of Jane Eyre, denouncing hypocrites and moralists in sentimental paradoxes; and young men swaggered in the presence of ladies. In England the novel was

denounced as immoral and irreligious. The boorish manners therein depicted and its strange love-making were unknown outside of the north; and there they occasioned no criticism, for they belonged to the common order of things. No book was ever written with sincerer motives, or sprang more directly from an aching heart.

It was a criticism of the vast structure of modern manners built up on Norman conventionalities, in the light of the truth of a simpler civilization. 'Jane Eyre' was of its time. The Zeitgeist had reached the great northern moors. While in the south laboring men were organizing, massing, and demanding their rights, and clergymen and politicians in easy circumstances were preaching to them Chartism and social millenniums, the same democratic voice was coming from the north out of the very heart of its people: 'Millions are condemned to a stiller doom than mine, and millions are in silent revolt against their lot. Nobody knows how many rebellions beside political rebellions ferment in the masses of life which people earth.' 'Shirley' ( 1849) is milder in tone; in it Charlotte Brontë is not quite herself. Much disturbed by criticism of 'Jane. Eyre,' she undertook to profit by it, particularly by the advice of George Henry Lewes, who told her to avoid poetry, sentiment, and melodrama, and to read Jane Austen. She now sought to daguerreotype Yorkshire life and scenes; and this is the way she did it.

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