Thesis on Globalization


Thesis on Globalization

Writing a thesis on globalization you cannot rely on your personal opinion only. It means that you have to conduct the secondary research, read articles, books, publications, and commentaries. You may also choose one side of the argument (e.g. globalization is good for the developing countries and research it in detail. If you need help with thesis writing, try our custom thesis services. We are open 24/7 and our writers are native English speakers!

Sample Thesis on Globalization

Some shifts in the international setting have altered statecraft during the last three decades: a realization by principal governments that general war would entail mutually destructive consequences of awesome magnitude; an extension of the scope of participation and an increase in the number of active participants in intergovernmental relations, producing a cumulative tendency toward the globalization of world politics; a realization that changes in the relative power of states depend primarily on industrial development and technological prowess rather than on territorial conquest; a recognition that domestic and international politics are increasingly interlinked; an appreciation of the need to stabilize expectations at the frontiers of human development by achieving quasi-universal voluntary arrangements that satisfy the perceived interests of quite different kinds of states, as well as the need to reach agreements among governments in such areas as the exploitation of ocean minerals or the nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction, both of which needs require that trade-offs be embodied in the agreement so that governments can find a quid pro quo ; and an appreciation of the growing complexity and interrelatedness of international life which, together with the accelerating mobility of people, things, and ideas, generates a need for common standards and procedures of coordination, which in turn seem increasingly likely to result in the growth of international institutions.

These tendencies in world relationships are consistent with the evolution of the state system. The nuclear dimension introduces a per vasive element of caution into international relations that reduces the prospect of a drift into world war. Such caution combines with the complexity and interdependence in the economic area to produce a more collaborative and moderate system, in which negotiation tends to displace confrontation as a style of interaction, at least among actors with the capacity to inflict system-wide as distinct from regional destruction. The same tendency has been evident in the evolution of the bargaining styles of labor and management in domestic life. In preecological times, the challenge of nature was thought to involve only the discovery of more effective modes of exploitation; but by now we are discovering that the very effectiveness of these modes creates deeper problems than it solves. As yet, the focus of governmental planning and action everywhere lags behind the emerging appreciation that the primary crisis for world order concerns the dynamics of ecological disequilibrium. The following seven statist imperatives are clearly at odds with any effort that seeks to restore ecological equilibrium by planned, human effort.

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