GSCE Sociology Coursework


GSCE Sociology Coursework

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GSCE Sociology Coursework Sample

The problem of rapid social and political change, namely, the sociology of revolutions has been considered by sociologists, most notably by Le Bon and Ellwood. Le Bon's analysis of the social psychology of revolutions is brilliant literature and contains much penetrating psychological insight. He considers the problems of the psycho-genesis of revolution, the contagion of mob spirit in revolutionary outbreaks, the domination of instinct and emotion over intellectual factors, and types of leaders most effective in revolutionary periods. The great defect in Le Bon's work is methodological. He deduces certain generalizations from a study of the French Revolution and then tests them out by applying them to this very movement, with the result that an unwarranted and false plausibility is given to his doctrines.

Ellwood's analysis, while less brilliant, is more reliable. He makes it clear that revolution is the inevitable product of an obstruction of the normal methods and channels of orderly social change. It is a basic social, rather than an episodical political, process. Revolutions pass through a period of destruction and anarchy into a constructive, if somewhat reactionary, synthesis under a temporary dictator. They are invariably an expensive method of securing social progress as compared with orderly and unobstructed social development. Yet the responsibility for the existence, as well as the excesses, of revolutions must rest upon the reactionaries who close the path to orderly change rather than upon the radicals of the revolutionary mobs.

The Russian Revolution following the spring of 1917 has offered to sociologists an excellent opportunity to study the causes, nature and processes of revolution, but few have as yet taken advantage of it. The majority of those who have discussed the Russian Revolution have been affected by the war psychology or the post-war conservative reaction, and have handled it in much the same dualistic and eschatological spirit as Orosius dealt with the pagan culture of classical antiquity. The one notable exception has been afforded by the works of Professor Ross. Whatever weaknesses his studies may have possessed in the way of lack of detailed knowledge of Russian history and institutions, they have exhibited that scientific detachment, comprehension of the multiplicity of factors involved, and insight into complicated social processes, which are as characteristic of sociology at its best as they are foreign to the majority of historical works.

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