Marketing Dissertation


Marketing Dissertation

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Marketing Dissertation Excerpts

Though various market and governmental factors cause variety in prices and pricing practice, American manufacturers try to realize the highest degree of uniformity currently possible. Centralization of pricing authority is almost essential for pricing coordination or uniformity. This authority may be centralized in Europe or America. If there is one production source for Europe, the pricing problem is simplified, whether that source be American exports or European production. Where the firm has several production sources for Europe, conflict may arise between the goals of various profit centers and over-all corporate goals.

If European operations are self-contained on both the supply and demand sides, a strong argument can be made for centralizing pricing authority at European headquarters. If the company's products are coming partly from non-European sources or going to non-European markets, it is more reasonable to centralize pricing authority in America. This is the most frequent practice (when there is centralized pricing authority). Problems of intracountry pricing enter in also. Because of tariffs, national taxes, or other reasons, companies will want to vary the country in which they receive their greatest profit. However, governments, both foreign and American, also have something to say about such transfer prices.

The largest companies with the greatest diversity in possible product sources generally have the most centralized pricing authority, as well as the greatest need for it. Each company handles it somewhat differently. One firm has its finance committee justify pricing and product allocation initially, and then the marketing people look at the price from the viewpoint of competition and other market factors. This company has no formula for pricing but works on it on this ad hoc basis. Another firm uses a standardized billing price for products from three or four sources. While price to the buyer in any European country is the same from each source, production costs vary; and the allocation of orders is often decided centrally rather than by the marketing subsidiary in the purchasing country. A Business International study covers in some detail such general international pricing problems.

Price competition has increased in the Common Market as expected, but American manufacturers have played a much smaller role in this than one would think. American companies have used their great financial and research resources to emphasize product differentiation, promotion, and other nonprice competition. European manufacturers faced with new competitors and excess capacities have been the generally reluctant causes of increased price competition.

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