Essay on Aids


Essay on Aids

Essay on Aids may be written from different perspectives. For example, your teacher may ask you to write essay on aids outlining the disease and the ways people can get it. Alternatively, you may write essay on aids focusing on the ways to prevent transmission. It is a good idea to get primary data such as interview with a person living with aids. The following sample essay on aids may give some ideas on how to develop your argument. Our essay blog contains many other samples you may find relevant to your topic. Undoubtedly, the value of sample essays is not comparable with the value of custom written essay. If you need professional help, our custom writers are always online!

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Essay on Aids: Excerpts

Recent years have brought many new uses of sound equipment to the classroom, just as newer devices have broadened the possibilities of use. Public address systems, tape recorders, and dictating machines have added to the potential of the record player and radio. Records have been used for some time as direct means of instruction and as inspirational devices in the study of literature, music, foreign languages, physical education, and commercial subjects. New teachers are often surprised to discover the variety of recorded poems, speeches, and drama available to them in teaching English and social studies.

A few commercial radio programs are produced especially for class listening during school time and several of the larger school systems operate their own radio or broadcast over commercial facilities. It is some times difficult to use the radio as a classroom aid because teachers do not have sufficient advance information of radio programs and because radio programs often occur at inconvenient times. A dramatic presention of the fight against yellow fever does not contribute much to a class discussion if presented when the students are discussing inflation. Any teacher who takes the trouble to communicate with the local radio station, however, can learn very quickly how he can get advance notice of programs in which his class is likely to be interested.

The large broadcasting chains have educational advisers who prepare material designed specifically to increase the use of radio in the classroom. Every school should receive such teaching aids and program notes as are prepared under the supervision of the educational advisers of the major radio networks and of some independent stations. Some programs can be listened to effectively with only a minor readjustment of class schedules. In other instances the teacher may find it better to use recordings of radio programs which can be played back at a time when they fit in best with the classroom needs. Some transcriptions are made available by the radio stations for purchase or rental; others, by visual and auditory aids libraries.

The arrival on the school scene of the tape recorder has made inexpensive recording of significant programs possible right in the school. In some cases this is done through the master controls in the school public address system and played back to specific classes when requested during the day. In others it is done by the audio-visual coordinator at a teacher's request. This simple system of recording adds to the effectiveness of the transcription system in countering one of radio's chief limitations as an educational device--the ephemeral nature of programs which never seem to be broadcast at the right time for the right class.

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