Art Dissertation


Art Dissertation

Art dissertation is interesting to write; especially when you have a clear vision of its structure and type of information you need. However, when you do not know how to choose the direction of your research, if the topic is too broad and you do not know how to narrow it, if you need a lot of information while the sources are scarce, dissertation writing becomes a nightmare. With the hope to make your life easier, we offer two types of help: 1) free dissertation samples (similar to the short art dissertation excerpt below) and 2) professional dissertation writing service. In addition, keep in mind that our writers are online 24/7 and we can help you with any step of dissertation writing.

Art Dissertation Sample

Examples of works of art conceived for and applied to modern architecture in Brazil are numerous and vary widely in importance and quality. However, almost all the contributions made by artists to Brazilian architecture are in the form of mosaic or tile murals. Although some works by the sculptors Bruno Giorgi, Alfredo Ceschiati and Maria Martins have been added to a few buildings, sculpture on the whole, is lacking. In Brazil no real effort is being made to integrate the arts, as in Mexico or in Venezuela at the University of Caracas. The collaboration of architects and artists on the Ministry building is important for its historic significance more then for its esthetic achievement. If, on the one hand, the azulejos of Portinari fulfill a functional as well as an esthetic purpose and are an important part of the design of the building, on the other hand both pieces of sculpture, by Lipchitz and Giorgi, fail to make a notable contribution.

The best instance of collaboration between an architect and artists is to be seen in a smaller building, the Church of St. Francis in Pampulha. This is the only example in which Brazilian architecture, painting and sculpture are in perfect and close relationship, and of which it can truly be said that architecture and the arts are integrated. Several works of art have been or will be placed in public buildings and public squares in Brasilia. It could hardly be otherwise when such a project as the creation of a new capital is undertaken in a country as art-conscious as Brazil. Some of these works of art are incorporated with the architecture, but most of them were added as interior or exterior features.

Giuliana Segre Giorgi is an artist who has become a specialist in her craft, the design and manufacture of ceramic tiles. She has also executed a great number of ceramic murals for Brazilian painters, with whom she works in close collaboration. Her own designs are usually delicate geometric drawings, which she executes in relief on square or rectangular tiles and uses as repetitive patterns on floors and walls. Modern architectural activity in Venezuela began late. More than in any other Latin American country, the introduction of contemporary esthetic and functional conceptions is due to one man, Carlos Raúl Villanueva, a former student at the French school of Beaux Arts.

Art Dissertation Writing Service

Writing art dissertation, you cannot avoid including numerous visuals to support your statements and expand the discussion. If you are in need of professional help, you may use our dissertation writing services provided by educated writers holding degrees in Arts.

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