Dissertation and Thesis


Dissertation and Thesis

Dissertation and thesis writing is undoubtedly one of the most challenging assignment of your academic career. If you are writing dissertation or thesis, you need to be very attentive to the smallest details. The primary attention should be drawn to the choice of the topic. You may review culture of poverty thesis writing steps and marketing dissertation writing guide to learn more about topic choice and writing process. Here are some suggestions:

  • topic should be interesting, sound professional, and raise a question
  • topic should be academic and fit your major
  • topic should be researchable as you need to support your statements with evidence
  • topic should be manageable as you find need to modify it several times
  • topic should be original as your task is to enhance the available research on the issue

Dissertation and Thesis Help

Dissertation and thesis help is sought by the majority of graduate students as they understand the importance and complexity of the project. If you are in need of customized assistance with dissertation and/or thesis writing, you may confidently rely on our professional writing services. Our writers are diligent and responsible. We pay special attention to the qualifications, education, and knowledge of our thesis writers. Thus, when you buy custom thesis writing service at our site, you can be confident that your project is handled by the most experienced and the most qualified writer. We do not charge extra for the cover page, outline, or reference list. We do not ask a penny for revisions!

Dissertation and Thesis Requirements

Dissertations and thesis we deliver meet the following requirements:

  1. Original and unique perspective on the topic
  2. Builds upon the cited relevant research
  3. Broad enough to appeal to  large audiences
  4. Narrow enough to make the argument
  5. Encourages the future scholarly research
  6. Appropriate methodology for dissertation level
  7. Proper referencing & professional formatting

Dissertation and Thesis Writing Steps

Proposal paper must include: introduction and background of the research, problem statement, purpose of research, significant of research, relevant theories, research questions, limitations, definition of terms, and outline.

Literature review section must include: summaries and critical analyses of previous researchers, integration of theories, overview of unresolved issues or problems.

Methodology section must include: introduction, population, sample, research instruments, research procedures, timeline, and analytical procedures.

Results and findings section must include: introduction, testing of hypotheses, expected and unexpected results or findings. It is advisable to present the results in tables and graphs.

Conclusion and implications section must include: introduction, conclusions drawn from hypotheses, summary, recommendation for further research, practical implications.

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