Culture of Poverty Thesis


Culture of Poverty Thesis

Nowadays the phenomenon of the ‘culture of poverty’ is one of the most researched topics, especially taking into consideration the current crisis. So, writing a culture of poverty thesis, you have plenty of ways to start your discussion. Here are several tips you may want to use:

  • The term ‘culture of poverty’ was said by Oscar Lewis in his study “Culture of Poverty”
  • The theory of poverty is based on the analysis of characteristics of the families living in the poor areas and the families living in the developed districts
  • The spreading poverty is related to the current beliefs about it and lack of opportunity to get out of it
  • Poverty is the illness of society and it cannot be treated by medicine.
  • Economic success depends on the ideas of people about poverty.

Culture of poverty thesis should give accurate information on the psychology of poverty. You may choose one side of the debate and either support or refute it. Culture of poverty thesis may be focused on the problems of a person or a group of people. The direction of the discussion should fit the thesis statement and be relevant to the topic. Your statements should be supported either with references to reliable sources or the specific examples from your personal or professional life. Do not make the topic broader than you understand it or can find information.

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Culture of Poverty Thesis Structure

  • Introduction: State the reasons for the choice of the topic and raise the specific problem. Include the thesis sentence and focus on the key aspects you plan to cover
  • Body: Provide the detailed discussion of the problem you have raised in the introduction. Present your arguments and supporting evidence. Weight different points of view.
  • Conclusion: End your culture of poverty thesis with the memorable conclusion and make your audience think about the problem in the new light, from the perspective the have never expected.

Culture of Poverty Thesis Topic Ideas

  • Oscar Lewis and his theory “Culture of poverty”
  • Behavior, beliefs and values of the poor society
  • Economic success and its results
  • Poverty and theory of Marx
  • Poverty as “a way of life”

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