Thesis Examples


Thesis Examples 

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Thesis Examples: Conservative Liberalism

The expression "conservative liberalism" can seem self-contradictory only if one thinks, in the far too simple but common way, of "liberal;" and "conservative" as words with simply, directly opposite meanings, i.e., of the "liberal" simply as the "progressive" on, favoring reforms or changes (of just any kind, or all kinds?) and of the "conservative" simply as the standpatter or opponent of all changes away from whatever is the status quo in his particular time and country. But the absolute relativism to which this leads makes little sense; e.g., it implies that, in a Communist country, the orthodox Communist is the true "conservative." And of course it has long been abundantly clear to the reader of this book that "liberalism" in the classical sense cannot be equated with reformism or progressivism of just any or every kind.

Thesis Examples: Liberalism

Throughout its history or development, "liberalism" in this more definite sense has always been a particular vision of "the good society," mainly stressing its ideas of the proper liberties or freedoms of all individuals, which for everyone must be extensive but limited for the sake of the similar freedoms of all other men, and an equitable balance of the freedoms of all; and a scheme of institutions harmonizing the free activities of all, in pursuit of their own ends, with the requirements of their common welfare. Indeed, an ideal of progress also has always been inherent in this liberalism--but progress, first (from all older, non-liberal starting points) to the fullest possible realization of that vision; and then continuing progress mainly through free, private efforts and innovations by all in all departments of life, and competitive selection of many among those for general or widespread adoption and continuance; with later, new, institutional reforms or changes only as made necessary by emerging new conditions, for continuing realizations of the old, enduring, liberal ideals.

Thesis Examples: Radical Liberalism

This liberalism, then, was relatively "radical" in the contemporary setting when it first appeared as a fully formed and articulate "vision," in a still very non-liberal actual world, and implied or called for a sharp break with or away from the dominant nonliberal traditions; and the same liberalism became, in the altered setting of a later time, relatively more "conservative," when its "vision" was, or was being, largely realized. All this, however, still does not fully bring out my meaning in referring to "Victorian conservative liberalism"; let us look, next, at the also not very simple historic meaning of "conservatism."

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