How to Write a Persuasive Essay


How to Write a Persuasive Essay

Do not know how to write a persuasive essay?  Here is a short sample of persuasive essay:

Our civilization is dominated by big business in charge of super salesmen. This does not mean that that necessarily will be the dominant tone fifty or even ten years hence, nor even that the tone is necessarily discordant to human ears. It does mean that while it endures it acts. We have to reckon with it. It does something to us. What brings about change in dominant cultural tones--the class in power? History teaches no such lesson. It is the business of the ruling class, whether religious, political, social, economic, racial, or intellectual, as Briffault says, to falsify and oppress rational thought, fetter the growth of social organisms, and sterilize the development of the class its object is to promote. In other words, the influence of the class in power is a limiting influence. Apply this principle to our control over the Philippines, or Haiti, or Cuba; or Britain's over India; or Holland's over the East Indies. Apply it to any page of human history since history began to be committed to writing.

Suppose the state is a theocracy or a military despotism, their virtues, spirit, and discipline are necessarily far removed from humanitarian ends or rational society. Supernaturalism and superhumanism are equally incompatible with sane, sound, enduring cultures. Making war and making myths are self-fertilizing pursuits, ends in themselves. The trappings of one and the phantasmagoria of the other are arts--appealing to the æsthetic sense, hence all the more dangerous. They easily absorb interest, stop the play --remove large fields of activity from too many hands, and thereby restrict socially important pursuits in which every normal person naturally likes to compete and in which approbation and prestige yield their choicest rewards.

Ethical ideals are always higher among the ruled than in the ruling class. Their feet are on the earth; they are closer to their fellow-men; they have more to gain, less to lose. The ruling classes love power as a kitten loves cream. Expect no social innovations or common-weal ideas from them--or much else than a nasty look or cries of "traitor," "treason," "iconoclast," "blasphemer," when reform is suggested. They have their own scale, their own touchstone, to weigh and test new ideas, proposals, suggestions. If the new looks like cream for the classes, it is "good," "valuable," "patriotic," in keeping with "manifest destiny"; but even milk for the masses is false, bad, "disruptive of society," "anarchy."

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