Examples of Essays


Examples of Essays

Examples of essays are exceptionally helpful for students who do not know how to start writing their assignments.  Below is an example of essay posted here as a sample of well-written paper.  While writing an essay, be sure to follow the standard format of essay writing: outline, body and conclusion. In addition, do not forget to reference all sources used for essay writing.

Examples of Essays: Drug Use

…Drug use, including experimentation; drug abuse, again including experimentation; drug dependence; drug addiction: these are the stages through which a man may possibly go. Luckily it is unusual for someone who starts to take a drug in moderation to go on to find he can no longer manage without it. This is exemplified by alcohol which is perhaps the most widely used drug in the world and certainly in this country, being rivaled only by tobacco.

Although the proper place of any ... drug in our society is suspect and deserves discussion, it is the question of cannabis use which generates most emotion on both sides. Protagonists and antagonists of the drug are locked in deadly combat because each side chooses to ignore the valid points made by the other. I am reminded of the mutually intolerant religious battles that were fought in the past and perhaps we need to have some such point of disagreement.

What are the arguments used by each side? The "patrists" (to take a term from Sex in History by Rattray Taylor) wish to suppress the drug.They say, first, that it is a "well-known fact"—a very useful phrase to preface a statement which is wholly unsupported by evidence—it is a well-known fact that if one smokes cannabis one's libido increases, one's moral sense deteriorates, and one becomes orgiastic.Second, smoking cannabis will automatically lead to trying other more dangerous drugs such as heroin; and third, continued use will drive you mad. The matrists (i.e., the permitters) naturally reject these three statements and in their turn say, first, that it does no harm and that it is an intolerable interference with the freedom of the individual to prohibit him from conducting himself in whatever manner he chooses. This, you will note, is a rather negative argument. Second, perhaps more positively, the person who smokes pot obtains gratification from it and, because the patrists commonly use alcohol and tobacco for gratification themselves, they are in no position to forbid the use of a comparable drug. Third, to make cannabis illegal brings it dangerously close to heroin in the minds of possible users; and fourthly the Inland Revenue is missing a trick. Let me look at these two sets of statements more particularly, the patrists first: Cannabis releases suppressed wishes and desires and allows them fuller expression. This, of course, is true of alcohol, perhaps in even greater degree. One may well say that if two people who have turned on with hash enjoy themselves together sexually, it is far better than for the same two people to get loaded with alcohol and create an uproar, fighting and breaking property…

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