Essay on Qualities of a Leader


Essay on Qualities of a Leader

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Essay on Qualities of a Leader Sample

In England the Labor Party has been seriously handicapped by the limited education of its leaders. Many trade-union bureaucrats were pensioned off with seats in Parliament, where they proved no match for the Eton or Harrow graduate. Nor was it possible to solve this problem by relying on intellectuals who for the most part had no real appreciation of the structure and functioning of the trade unions, the backbone of the Labor Party. In the late thirties Bevin experimented with subsidizing the education of a few young people preparatory to launching them on parliamentary careers. He had grown dissatisfied with the innate limitations of the typical trade-unionists as well as with the impractical intellectual.

In trade unions, as in politics, oratory plays an important role in the leadership pattern. An appeal to the group is frequently necessary--before calling a strike, when settling a contract, when fighting insurgents. The silver-tongued orator has the edge. But the successful leader cannot rely on words alone. Once again the parallel to politics is striking. He must negotiate --inside his organization, with employers, with the government. Moreover, he must know how to administer: he has the responsibility for keeping the organization on an even keel, solvent, and free from discord. A great leader must also have vision. He must use his power not only to control the present but to mold the future.

This brief sketch of the leadership pattern in Church, army, business, politics, and trade unions has disclosed interesting parallels and differences. In general, the poor are at a disadvantage in competing for power, although they have the field to themselves in the modern church and in trade unions. Formal training is of much greater importance to churchman and soldier than to politician and labor leader.

Certain qualities stand all leaders in good stead, while others have more restricted value. Ease in social relations is an asset to cardinal, general, or trade-union president. Oratorical gifts, essential for politicians and labor leaders, are relatively unimportant for business magnates. The organization sets the challenge which the successful leader must meet.

This provides the clue to why the study of labor leadership should prove especially rewarding. Unlike the Church and the Army, which have a rigidity grounded in tradition, trade unions are youthful organizations still in a state of flux. Most American unions are less than fifty years old. The leadership pattern has not yet jelled. The leaders still operate with a high degree of freedom. Labor leadership is of the essence of leadership.

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