Writing Your Dissertation


Writing Your Dissertation: Planning

These days dissertations are a significant component of Higher Education, they are an important component of obtaining any Master level. Writing your dissertation is a great opportunity for you to work independently on a topic which is interesting for you. So in this paper you will find advice about how to plan your dissertation, in such a way making writing your dissertation easier.

While carrying out your research, keep in the forefront of your mind that your time is limited. That is why the earlier you plan your work, the better. Try to make sure that your research is aligned with the structure of your dissertation.

Planning Dissertation Writing Process

It is important to plan your weekly work for you to devote to writing your dissertation definite periods of time regularly. For this purpose take a large sheet of paper and draw your usual week’s timetable. Write down your University timetable and regular activities, such as part-time job. After that highlight the periods of time which you could devote to writing your dissertation. These could be slots between 30 minutes and two hours. It is not reasonable to work more than 2 hours on end, because it will not be effective as your brain will get tired.

Take account of in what time of day your studies will be the most effective; can you work early in the morning or late at night? Be realistic, your aims must be feasible. It will also be good if you choose an appropriate place for writing your dissertation; think beforehand whether it will be a University study area, a library or your own quiet room.

How to Make Your Dissertation Effective

To make writing your dissertation more effective, try to prioritize the work that has to be done. Note down everything that must be done in the first place, and keep a list of everything that is not vital, but would be good to do. Update your list every first study session of the week, make rough notes how your study time will be used.

Avoid Wasting Your Time

Do not waste your time! You can think of several months ahead and lose the first weeks which are very important. To avoid all kinds of nail-biting sessions during the last week before submitting your dissertation, start writing your dissertation as soon as you are given your assignment. Regular work on your dissertation will guarantee that you will write it successfully and on time.

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