Writing the Critical Essay


Writing the Critical Essay Is Not Easy

Writing the critical essay can be interesting task if you have access to the necessary resources, possess good writing and analytical skills, and have plenty of time to devote to your task. At the same time it can be a very challenging task if you have no information to use and have several other urgent writing assignments due. 

Our writers are here to assist you with essay writing, critical analysis of resources, literature review, report presentation, and dissertation writing.  Critical essay can be a research essay, term paper, or critical response writing. 

The Purpose of Critical Essay Writing

  • The aim of the critical essay writing is to investigate the problem, to present interesting facts, to gain the attention of the reader to the issue of the essay, and to find the alternative solutions to the issue.  If you are writing critical essay on abortion, for example, you might focus on the pros of abortion, write about women’s choice and possible impact of abortion on their health health. 
  • The topic can be wide or narrow, depending on the specific instruction the tutor gives you.  Therefore, be sure to get specific instructions and requirements before you start working on your essay. As you know, even the small mistake may cost you a grade.
  • The most important thing to keep in mind while writing critical essay is to show critical analysis of something. You cannot simply state your point of view on the topic; you must support your ideas with examples and references to reputable publications.
  • Moreover, critical essay should reveal your ability to reason and think beyond the limits. Returning to our example on abortion, the majority of students will write either about the pros of abortion or cons of it. To impress your teacher, you need to choose an unexpected topic on abortion. For example, write about the history of abortions, explore the issue from historical perspective without writing either in support or against it.

Critical Essay Writing Services

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