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Writing Dissertations: Three Main Principles

Ink and paper are sometimes passionate lovers, oftentimes brother and sister, and occasionally mortal enemies. Terri Guillemets

Writing dissertations is an act of presentation of the culmination of the student’s hard working for academic writing, as from one side, writing a dissertation is the last dot in the studying process of the student, and from the other side, writing a dissertation is one of the most difficult tasks he or she has ever faced before.

If dissertation is written in a proper way, ink and paper really become “passionate lovers,” and in order to achieve this very passion while writing dissertations, you have to work hard and spend much time for studying the principles of successful dissertation. In this article, we are going to speak about three main principles of writing dissertations, which will help you to protect ink and paper from being “mortal enemies.”

Succeed in Writing Doctoral Dissertation

In order to succeed in writing doctoral dissertation, you can do nothing but research the topic of your dissertation in order to gather enough information for being able to disclose it. Research is the main principle of succeeding in writing dissertations. The more research you conduct the more chances to defend your dissertation you receive. Remember this while writing dissertations.

The following principle of writing dissertations is as follows: do not just rewrite what is already written in scientific literature, while presenting already existing treatments of the problem you are dealing with in writing dissertations, state your own ideas at the subject, make fresh hypothesis and prove them with the help of the evidence. If you do not take into account this very principle while writing dissertations, you will fail to write a dissertation, which is going to have some academic value and will fail to defend the thesis at all.

An Important Note On Referencing

One more principle, which should be mentioned in the measures of this article, is that you have to make references while writing dissertations if you do not want to be blamed in plagiarism. If you present the point of view of some scholar, you can do nothing but make reference, or otherwise, you are going to plagiarize some other thoughts. The fact of plagiarism is always strictly punished by the committee and it may even cost you disqualification.

Get Help With Dissertation Writing

If you do not want to face any problems while presenting your dissertation, follow the above-mentioned principles of writing dissertations and you are certain to succeed and to defend your thesis.

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