Writing a Literary Critique


Writing a Literary Critique: How to Deal with

The purpose of writing a literary critique is as follows: to examine and evaluate the item under consideration, however, not to criticize it in a negative way. This item can be either a work of literature or some aspect of the work of literature; it depends upon the task you have received in your higher educational establishment. For example, you may receive a task to deal with writing a novel critique in whole, or some of its character in particular.

As any other kind of analysis, writing a literary critique presupposes dividing the item under consideration into separate segments, which are to be analyzed. Of course, dividing the full item under discussion is not the aim of writing a literary critique; however, this measure helps a lot in order to succeed in analyzing and to present a deep analysis of work.

Analyzing the Poem

For example, if your writing a literary critique is devoted to analyzing some poem, at this point, you have to deal with each of the character or image in particular, then to speak about their interrelations in whole. After that, you have to pay special attention to the structure of the poem in terms of the literary analysis, to look for and analyze all the figures and tropes the author uses and to explain the usage of these literary devices.

The following step is to analyze the form of this poem and its content. You see, we have made a stratification of your work for many segments. You have to do the same while writing a literary critique on your own.

Critique Writing Is Not An Easy Task!

Of course, it is rather difficult to cope with the task of writing a literary critique, especially, if your analytical skills and critic abilities are poor ones and if this is your first time to deal with such a task. However, it does not mean that you will fail to cope with writing a literary critique. In order to improve your skills and to help you a lot with writing a literary critique, we recommend you to read some ready-made literary critical articles and to get acquainted with the techniques and methods of writing.

When you read literary critique written by some other person, you get priceless knowledge and experience which will help you a lot in the process of writing a literary critique. That is why do not neglect this advice and follow it if you want to simplify the process of writing a literary critique.

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