Writing a Dissertation Proposal


Writing a Dissertation Proposal: Start Writing with Proper Preparation

One of the main mistakes students make while writing a dissertation proposal is that they start writing it without a proper preparation; however, there are some definite steps to walk before start writing a dissertation proposal. If you do not want to repeat this mistake, read our article carefully and get to know what you have to do before writing a dissertation proposal.

Steps To Follow

Thus, the first step to walk before writing a dissertation proposal is choosing the topic for your dissertation. At this point, it is recommended to make use of familiar topic, which is closely related to the field of your degree programme in order you to be already acquainted with the topic and have some definite knowledge at the subject of your dissertation writing.

When you already know some main notions concerning the topic of your dissertation it becomes much simpler for you to dive into details and to research the topic inside out. As they say, if there are bones, flesh will grow.

Feasibility Analysis

A feasibility analysis is the following step to walk through. With the help of this analysis, you get to know whether the topic you have chosen is widely researched in scientific literature and whether it is possible to find enough data in order to make research at this topic and to write full-fledged dissertation.

After you have made the above-mentioned feasibility analysis, you are also able to understand whether it is interesting for you to continue dealing with this very topic in your writing a dissertation proposal, or it is better to create some other topic, as this one is quite out of your interest.

Do not choose writing a dissertation proposal topic, which does not touch you, or otherwise, it will be too difficult and boring for you to write your dissertation.

Useful Quotes

It is also recommended to gather some useful quotes, which will help you while writing a dissertation proposal. Do not waste your time while reading; make notes of interesting ideas while researching the topic of your dissertation. This really helps to shorten the process of dissertation writing, as you do not have to read one and the same scientific item for several times in order to find some quotes you are in need of.

Methodology Issue

Do not forget to study the methodology, which is used in scientific literature to research the topic of your writing a dissertation proposal; you will also find this very methodology to be useful while writing a dissertation proposal on your own.

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