Writing a Dissertation Literature Review


Writing a Dissertation Literature Review: How to Write It

Writing a dissertation literature review is a rather important task, as thanks to this very literature review the supervisor, who checks your dissertation, gets to know whether you have understood the topic of your writing and whether you have made a proper research before starting up your dissertation.

Literature review greatly contributes into the process of dissertation writing and really helps students to conduct a proper research. Only with the help of literature review, you are able to:

  • delimit the problem you are dealing with in your dissertation;
  • find new ways of inquire of this very problem;
  • get rid of fruitless approaches to the problem;
  • perceive methodological insight;
  • generate new perspectives in the further study and research;
  • understand the subject of research inside out.

It is helpful and useful to conduct literature review when you write your dissertation. In order to succeed in writing a dissertation literature review you have to make the following steps:

  • formulate the problem in a clear way;
  • collect data;
  • evaluate data;
  • analyze and interpret data you have gathered;
  • present this data in your writing a dissertation literature review.

Editing Your Dissertation Literature Review

After you have already written your literature review, read it one more time in order to find out whether it answers the questions, it has to answer if written in the proper way. Here is the list of these very questions you have to answer while writing a dissertation literature review:

  • What are the key findings you have made while reading the literature devoted to the topic of your dissertation?
  • Which are the main approaches for the treating the topic under discussion?
  • Which are the main areas to be researched in the literature?
  • Are there any gaps in study?
  • Which areas of the topic should also be researched in future?
  • What methodology was used in order to conduct the research?
  • What methodology should also be used like an alternative way of researching the topic?
  • How did you contribute into researching the topic with the help of your dissertation writing?

If your introduction answers all these questions, it means that you have greatly succeeded in writing a dissertation literature review. If still you feel that you need some definite help in writing a literature review for a dissertation you can always rely upon our custom writing service.

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