Writing a Dissertation Introduction


Writing a Dissertation Introduction: What Should Be Included

Writing a dissertation introduction is not very complicated task, however, a student may face some definite problems while writing it, as it is rather difficult for students to make difference between the introduction and between the abstract writing as these two parts are really alike from the first glance.

While writing a dissertation introduction you have to keep in mind that you have just to introduce the topic and the subject you are going to deal with while writing. When you write the abstract for dissertation, you have to mention not only the subject of research but also the main findings you have made while your dissertation writing and to make the necessity of this very research holding to be evident.

If you keep in mind this difference, you will never have any problems while writing a dissertation introduction.

Writing a Dissertation Introduction: Present the Subject

Apart from presenting the subject of your dissertation, you have also to name the objectives for your dissertation writing. Being a theoretical explanation of the fact of researching this very topic, your introduction should also contain the information, which answers whether this very topic is widely researched in scientific literature or there exist some definite gaps, which should be filled in with the help of this very study you make in your dissertation.

While writing a dissertation introduction you should state the problem, you are going to deal with in a clear way. However, this is impossible to do it if not proving the relevance of problem and giving reasons for its solution. That is why while writing a dissertation introduction, state the importance of the problem you are going to deal with and offer some definite and concrete ways of its solution.

Writing a Dissertation Introduction – Final Advice

After you have written introduction for your dissertation, reread it one more time and find out whether it gives the reasons of why you have chosen this very topic to be the topic of your dissertation. If yes, then our congratulations to you, you have succeeded in writing a dissertation introduction, if not, then you have to rewrite it in order your introduction to answer the question: “why am I writing my dissertation devoted to this very topic?”

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