Water Pollution Essay


Water pollution essay:  ‘Water is life’

Over three-fourth of the earth’s surface is made up of water- so a ready supply of water is something that we have all taken for granted for much of our life. However having a ready supply of pure and abundant water is fast becoming a thing of the past as more and more lakes, rivers and water bodies are getting polluted. A water pollution essay can start by giving some reasons for the increasing pollution of water in today’s day and age.

Water pollution essay: Industrialization increases pollution

At one time the coming of the age of industrialization was synonymous with progress. But now that the euphoria and dust has settled the world in general and the western world in particular is beginning to see that so called progress has really proved to be a regression.

The main cause for water pollution in the world today is due to the offloading of industrial wastes in to the water. Industrial wastes have resulted in the contamination of:

  • Rivers
  • Streams
  • Underground water
  • Lakes
  • Sea water

Water that has pollutants is far from good for our health and well-being.

Water pollution essay: Water and life

A water pollution essay should draw attention to the fact that successfully dealing with the problem of water pollution is tied up with the very survival of not only man but life on earth in general. All plants and animals need to have a bare minimum of water every day just to survive. This is why there is hardly any life evident in dry places like deserts. But having plenty of water that has been contaminated by toxic wastes is certainly not the answer to life.

Ill effects of water pollution

A water pollution essay can describe numerous incidents like oil spills in the sea due to which countless fish and birds die a gruesome death. Sea fish-especially the larger kind- have been known to contain mercury-that is again very harmful to our eco system.

People who are forced to drink water that is polluted by harmful wastes are also susceptible to various forms of cancer and expecting mothers who drink polluted water end up giving birth to deformed children.

A water pollution essay should also differentiate between the two kinds of water pollution:-

  1. Non-point source or indirect water pollution
  2. Point source or direct water pollution e.g. an oil spill

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