Thesis Paper Topics


Thesis Paper Topics and Ideas

By definition, a thesis paper includes critical argument which is developed to provide the answer to the specific academic question. Usually, the first step of thesis paper writing is the most challenging as students have to choose the best topic for their assignment.

What is the best topic for your thesis paper? There is no answer to this question as every student has his/her own preferences with regard to interesting topics. More important, the choice of the thesis paper topic depends on the specifics of your course and study area.

The key point to keep in mind while choosing a thesis paper topic is the requirement for your research question to come from original literature. You need to identify the gap in existing knowledge and conduct a thorough investigation (preferably primary and secondary) to address that gap. 

So, let’s explore the critical elements of successful thesis paper writing.

Critical Elements of Good Thesis Papers

  • Your thesis paper should be well-written and flow logically according to academic standards
  • Your thesis paper should contain citations of books, journals, and online publications
  • Your thesis paper should be based on facts rather than your personal opinion on issues
  • Citations should be updated, relevant, and recent (published no more than 5 years ago)
  • Your thesis paper should have a central idea and clearly identifiable research questions
  • The whole paper should be written in critical style and uncover your deep understanding of the topic

Warning! Elements of Poor Thesis Papers

If you do not want to fail your thesis paper writing project, you need to avoid the following elements:

  • Too complicated thesis paper topic which is not clear to the writer
  • Thesis paper is nothing more than a summary of the textbook
  • Thesis paper is poorly written, without reference to relevant articles
  • Thesis paper cites only a couple of papers (lack of support)
  • Thesis paper is plagiarized from online database
  • Thesis paper is a rewrite of the article found by a student in a library

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