The Truman Show Essay


The Truman Show Essay

The Truman Show Essay should emphasize the fact that the Truman Show exposes some of the unfair strategies that are employed by the media industry to manipulate the public at large. While the prime functions of media like the TV and the News Paper is to keep the public well informed of the news and other events-they often end up misinforming the public.

The Truman Show Essay should highlight the fact that- even though America is a free country that allows freedom of speech to its media as well as the public-this freedom is often taken unfair advantage of. Since the media fabricates or misrepresents events to give a faulty picture to the public at large.

The Media Mirage

  • The Truman Show features the life of Truman Burbank-played by the renowned actor Jim Carrey who is ignorant about the fact that he is actually living inside a huge TV studio, from where the public at large watches him on ‘candid camera.’ He is thus taking part in a never ending reality show that is checkered by emotional pathos-without being aware of it.
  • The Truman Show Essay can point out that Truman lives a fake life in a make believe town that is inhabited by actors. This tinsel town is situated in a giant dome that houses an artificial sky and sun. Even the rain is unreal and merely a simulation from the ‘special effects’ department.
  • The Truman Show Essay can also draw attention to the fact that no one was allowed to criticize the media in the 1940’s. This is due to the fact that the means of communication was completely controlled by the media-so it discouraged any debate or discussion on the role it played in the manipulation and the ultimate shaping of events.

Media is the message?

The ultimate message behind this landmark movie lies in urging the public to take a stand against the manipulations of the media that ends up misrepresenting reality instead of accurately disseminating information about it. Ignoring this very real menace in our lives will result in a life that is as absurd and false as the one that is lived by Truman-who is not even aware of the fact that he has become a puppet and a source of entertainment.

These are just some of the vital points to be covered by the Truman Show Essay.

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