Research Paper Thesis


Research Paper Thesis

Usually research paper writing takes a form of persuasion. The purpose of a writer is to convince the reader that his/her personal point of view on the problem under consideration is logical and has merit. This kind of persuasion is known as an academic argument or a research paper thesis.

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A research paper thesis should be brief. Mostly, one or two sentences are quite enough to formulate it. The key point is to make it precisely clear to the reader. A research paper thesis is a summary of the argument presented in the main body of a research paper.

It is rather difficult to formulate a research paper thesis at once. No wonder, since a research paper thesis is a result of the thinking process. You have to read a lot of information and analyze it deeply before you will be able to develop your research paper thesis. A thorough analysis of the relations between already known facts will help you formulate a good thesis.

In the text, a research paper thesis performs the following functions:

  1. Informs the reader on why you consider the problem you are going to discuss significant;
  2. Tells what a potential reader can expect from the rest of your paper;
  3. Gives good meat for discussion, as a research paper thesis is usually a controversial issue;
  4. Answers directly to the question posed. A research paper thesis is an interpretation of a question, not the subject itself. For instance, if your subject is World War II, your thesis statement may offer your own ideas as for the reasons for the war.

How do you get a thesis statement?

It is necessary for a writer to be sure that his/her research paper thesis is competently formulated. For this purpose, you may ask your teacher for approval. Still, if you have short of time, there is another strategy that you may use. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I give a clear answer to the question?
  • Have I taken the position that other may dispute or oppose?
  • Is my thesis specific enough?
  • Does my paper support the thesis specifically and without wandering?
  • Can my thesis pass the “how and why?” test?

Take this information into consideration, and you are sure to learn formulating good research paper theses. Still, if you have problems with your research paper thesis, you are always welcome to ask our writing experts for help. 

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