Research Paper Guidelines


Professional Research Paper Guidelines

If you have no ideas how to cope with your research paper, you are welcome to use our research paper guidelines. Why do you need research paper guidelines?

  • Research paper guidelines help you organize your ideas and check academic format requirements.
  • Research paper guidelines focus on advices regarding topic choice, information gathering, formatting, and many other aspects.
  • Research paper guidelines make students free of additional search for useful tips and secrets of writing a research paper.

Research Paper Guidelines

Structure Of A Research Paper

  • Your paper should consist of three major parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. In the introduction, you specify issues for further discussion, covering plan of your outline. Then, you may include a part which discusses background of the problem. You may present your critical analysis and explanations of points of debates. Do not forget to use transitional words and sentences to move to the next part of your research paper and present your arguments on different aspects.

Format and Formal style

  1. Paginate pages of your research paper.
  2. Make an abstract to inform your readers about stages of investigation.
  3. Do not forget about subheadings.
  4. One paragraph should be approximately seven sentences in length
  5. Use footnotes to reference your sources
  6. After each quote, give explanation. Follow the proper referencing format
  7. Reference list should be formatted accordingly to specific style.
  8. You are welcome to use laconic language which allows stating information briefly and completely.
  9. Do not use shortened phrases, such as isn’t, doesn’t, and other forms.
  10. Spell numbers from zero to nine.

Research Paper Writing Secrets

You need to divide your time into several parts to know what you may hurry up with and what you may delay until later time. For example, spend 2 days on research, 2 days on analysis, 4 days on writing, and 1 day on editing and proofreading.

Research Paper Guidelines Are Our Experience

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