Remembered Event Essay


Remembered Event Essay: The Most Frequently Asked Questions 

Each person has experienced such a feeling in his or her life, which it will be impossible to forget, this feeling may become a good topic for remembered event essay writing. Any event, experience, or activity can become a good subject for remembered event essay, if it was highly emotionally colored. However, sometimes it is rather difficult to choose the topic and to write remembered event essay, as this task is not an often task in the process of studying.  

Thus, this article is going to answer the most frequently asked questions concerning remembered event essay writing. Read the answers carefully and we hope you will find all the information you was looking for.

What is remembered event essay in general?

Well, this kind of essay is very alike simple narration essay, where you are to retell some story you have experienced once. This story is going to tell about some impressions you have had during the event or activity you are speaking about in your remembered event essay. Mention why this event or activity impressed you a lot and how it influenced your further life. Explain why you have chosen this very topic and prove its validness.

What is the main aim for writing remembered event essay?

With the help of remembered event essays, your professor wants to get acquainted with you a little bit closer and to understand what kind of person you are. At this point, one can compare the purpose of remembered essay writing with that one of application essay. Remembered event essay introduces you to your professor. That is why it should be written in a very good and professional way.

How is it possible to select a story for your remembered essay event writing?

It is not very simple to do as you have a lot of different events in your life, which are deeply printed in your memories. However, try to choose some extraordinary event, which does not happen to everyone. For example, write about your experience of diving or rafting, if you have had such experience, of course. Do not invent any event; try to tell about the real one, which you have tasted, as you will not be able to express all the feelings.  

How to impress the professor with remembered event essay?

Do not just retell the story you have been engaged to. Describe nature, feelings, smells, objects, and people. Use different literary devices such as similes, personifications, metaphors, puns, allegories, and allusions.    

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