Personal Essay


Personal Essay Ideas on Professional Ethic of Journalist

As a rule, personal essay on any topic is your position on the issue. Writing personal essay you should explain what you think about particular topic and argue your point of view. Here is what you can write about in your personal essay:

  1. The emergence of professional ethics. Specific grounds of professional ethics of journalists.
  2. Moral treatment: a journalist and a source of information.
  3. Main professional and moral attitudes. The main recipient. The journalist-reader.
  4. The ethical side of the relationship of journalist and his/her heroes. The legal regulation.
  5. The journalist and his/her colleagues. Moral and ethical relationships in the creative team.
  6. Professional specificity of journalists’ ethics.
  7. Special union group and specific moral norms.
  8. General presentation of the moral and professional experience.
  9. The moral regulation of the press: mechanism of action. History and modern times.

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Personal Essay Example on Professional Ethic of Journalist

“…No one can judge professional rights of journalism without paying attention to his/her moral qualities, which are no less important than qualifications. Under professional duty journalists pass moral judgment of the phenomena involved in the public interest on behalf of society. The process of journalistic work and, more importantly, its outcome, in one way or another, affect the interests of many people. Thus, the moral attitudes are included to the content of the journalist job. Mass media direct, or disorient readers, viewers, listeners, according to the journalistic principles of the definite group. At the same time, professional ethics, is able to regulate the development of moral consciousness of professionals. In fact, the journalists’ behavior does not exist by itself outside of the common morality. It is one of its sections, and thus copies its multi-layer structure…”

Reflective Essay Ideas 

Reflective essay as well as personal essay requires students to express their position on the specific topic. Reflective essay may look as follows:

  1. What is the meaning of «ethnic consciousness»?
  2. What is the nature of «ethnic consciousness», objective or subjective, and why?
  3. How do you understand the following words: «No one imposes a ban on the use of the concept of nation in its ethnic meaning to the leaders of the republics and activists of national communities, but the federal government is obliged to leave some doctrinal space for the process of civil nation creation, without which there can be no one state».

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