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PE Coursework

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PE Coursework Excerpts

Baker was one of the men who wrote about the industrial warfare in Colorado, discussing the employers' association and the widespread lawlessness. A more vivid account of the struggle, however, was that contained in "The Confession and Autobiography of Harry Orchard," which appeared as a serial in McClure's during 1907. Orchard was a member of the Western Federation of Miners, and was in close touch with the "inner circle" of that organization. At his trial he appeared as the chief witness for the state, confessing to eighteen murders, including that of ex-Governor Frank Steunenburg of Idaho, who had aroused the fierce hatred of the miners by his handling of the strike. Orchard related, without mincing matters, how unions were conducted, and how they met violence with violence and corruption with corruption.

This sensational autobiography was provided with an introduction and notes by one of the later recruits to muckraking, George Kibbe Turner. Turner, who had been for many years connected with the Springfield Republican, and who had written considerable fiction, was added to the staff of McClure's soon after the departure of Baker and his associates on the American. Coming from the strait-laced traditions of New England journalism, Turner, as he says, "registered very acutely the brilliant but erratic movements of McClure." His first job was a write-up of the Galveston commission form of government, an article which was intended to display the more constructive side of muckraking. Soon after, he was assigned to the Orchard case, and later he studied the vice problem in New York and Chicago, as has already been noted. Among the people who were associated with Mr. Turner during his period of service on McClure's were Will Irwin, Willa Cather, Burton J. Hendrick, and Cameron Mackenzie. Like Baker and most of the other muckrakers, Turner took special interest in the human and personal side of his work. Orchard, he records, was the most religious man he had ever known.

Other people wrote about Colorado, notably C. P. Connolly in Collier's and George Creel in Harper's Weekly. Creel's articles, which appeared in 1914, some time after the cessation of hostilities, discussed the attitude of the press toward the struggle. He showed that the newspapers had often employed the most despicable methods to destroy the people's confidence in the labor leaders. Mother Jones, an eighty-two year old friend of the workers, was branded as a prostitute and the keeper of a house of prostitution.

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