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Music Term Paper: Attention, Please!

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Guidelines On A Music Term Paper

  1. You should have two parts in a music term paper, which are theoretical and research parts. You need to specify some general information on the subject of your discussion in the first part of your music term paper.  You need to write a lot of facts and information on that, as you will not have a music term paper without essential and good facts. Then you should proceed with the research, which consists in information analysis or new findings.
  2. Of course, you should state your opinion on some points. Therefore, you need to write a good conclusive part, where you may state your findings, results and opinions, and there you may offer something on problem solving.
  3. Music hypothesis is the main part of your music term paper, because there you need to write proof or disproof information in further writing. So use this aspect in the introductory part, where the thesis sentence should be.
  4. Use formal language and active voice. Short forms are not appropriate and you should not use them. Encourage yourself to find some term definition concerning music and you will be able to use some term in further writing.
  5. You should have a research part, where you need to state some creative information and provide readers with arguments. Give your judgments in addition. However, the results you need to state in the final part during writing your music term paper.

Topics For A Music Term Paper

  • Positive effect of Mozart’s music on brain activity
  • Ability of music to take away stress
  • Facts about music in times of World War I and II
  • Music and unborn children: what effects does music have on them?
  • History if American pop-music
  • Different cultures, different music directions
  • Music of Afro-Americans: the best jazz you have ever had
  • Music and love: is music able to cause feeling of love and peace?
  • Modern researches on music
  • Music history
  • Famous musicians

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