MBA Dissertation


MBA Dissertation: Stages of the Writing Process

Are going to become the Master in Business Administration? You have been pursuing your aim for several years by means of studying new disciplines, improving your knowledge about economic phenomena and getting the precious experience that will help you in your further carrier. Now you have the only one task left. But this is the final task that summarizes your work. It is a MBA dissertation.

The Process Of Writing: Detailed Review

Generally speaking, MBA dissertation writing is rather complex task. It suggests making of several activities, each of them being of great importance. If we look at this process from within, we may point out several stages.

  1. Preparation for writing of a MBA dissertation. Preparation plays a vital role in any process. That is why it goes without saying that you should pay special attention to this stage of your work. Let’s find out what exactly we mean when speak about preparation for MBA dissertation writing.
  2. First and foremost, you should make your mind about an appropriate MBA dissertation topic. It should be an interesting and actual issue. You may choose some advertising campaign or problems of small businesses as your MBA dissertation topic.
  3. Studying of information is the most labor-intensive stage in the process of preparing for your writing. It means that you should find informational sources on the issue and study them thoroughly in order to make a good theoretical basis for your investigation. That is why the more information you will gather, the better.
  4. You should make an outline for your investigation. What aspects are going to research? In what way are you going to conduct your investigation? You should clear up all the aspects in order not to become confused when getting down to your investigation.
  5. Making of a MBA dissertation proposal. A dissertation proposal is very important. It is this work that the fate of your dissertation depends on. Is your dissertation project worth making? Will it have some practical application? If you present a convincing MBA dissertation proposal, the committee will approve your investigation plan. Other words, you should prove that your dissertation has the right for being written.
  6. Making of research. In what way are you going to research the issue in question? What methods do you choose? Are you going to conduct some experiment or make a survey? It is up to you to decide these matters. The matter point is that you should obtain certain results of your investigation that you should discuss.
  7. Putting of all the results, suggestions and conclusions in the form of a MBA dissertation. Pay attention: your work should be well-organized, containing the following sections: abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion and conclusion.

These are the main stages of the task that you have to do successfully if you want to reach your aim – the degree of the Master in Business Administration.

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