Law Dissertations


Law Dissertations

Writing law dissertations, you should read many cases, laws, trials, and other relevant information. You cannot write a good law dissertation without referring to the reliable evidence. As a result, you have to spend many hours in the library looking for the exact information fitting your topic. We have included a short excerpt from a law dissertation to help with the choice of the topic.

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Law Dissertations Excerpts

Administrative law is hardly yet given de jure recognition by the English-speaking bar although the term has now established itself in the vocabulary of the United States Supreme Court. Until very recently even scholars treated it as an exotic. Thus Dicey in his classic Law of the Constitution thanked God like a true Briton that le droit administratif of the tyrannized French had no counterpart on English soil. But in his "Introduction" to the last edition, he showed himself painfully aware that the channel which separates tendencies in English law from the system and precepts which the French call droit administratif is constantly narrowing. Before that "Introduction" reached the public, he had made still handsomer concessions. Again like a true Briton, facing facts eventually and not forever denying them, Dicey was jolted by the famous Arlidge case 1 into writing an exposition of its deep significance. The very title of his essay-"The Development of Administrative Law in England"--must have aroused many an unsuspecting reader. The development to which Dicey so strikingly directed attention in April, 1915, has since then luxuriantly unfolded, and English writers have analyzed acutely the deep forces it reflects. Yet the Lord Chief Justice only the other day inveighed against it as though it were an alien and wholly avoidable phenomenon! In the United States, the pioneer scholarship of Frank J. Goodnow and Ernst Freund long remained caviar not merely to the general. Their work was for many years unheeded by bench and bar, a fact which is not too surprising when it is recalled that legal education hardly took note of it. But the prophetic scholar has his amused revenge when practice propounds theory. Necessity is the mother of discovery. And so this illegitimate exotic, administrative law, almost overnight overwhelmed the profession, which for years had been told of its steady advance by the lonely watchers in the tower. Hardly a volume of bar association proceedings is now without some reference to this new phenomenon. Brute fact compels resort to despised philosophy. Isolated cases, in their multitudinous and varying recurrence, require correlation and creative direction.

It is idle to feel either blind resentment against "government by commission" or sterile longing for a golden past that never was. Profound new forces call for new social inventions, or fresh adaptations of old experience. The "great society," with its permeating influence of technology, large-scale industry, and progressive urbanization, presses its problems; the history of political and social liberty admonishes us of its lessons

Help with Law Dissertations

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