International Relations Thesis


International Relations Thesis: What Do The Professionals Say?

Study of the political relation considers international relations as the part of the learning and the students can be supposed to write an international relations thesis.

The curriculum provides exhaustive theoretical IR course for the comprehension of IR theories and topics. Writing academic paper is aimed at successful completion of study process by students.

It checks their knowledge and ability to analyze, to work out own theories and to plan the research. A student can work upon the topic independently or with group of students if a research requires an in-depth study.

The course of International Relations implies practical training, the discussion of IR issues and writing an international relations thesis. It introduces the study of IR working techniques, tools, approaches and theories application.

The Most Wide-spread Topics

 From IR topics you can choose the most appropriate ones, such as:

  • Globalization and its impact. The topic covers the phenomenon of globalization, ICT (Information and Communication Technology) development and other related issues and what results they have in the world of globalization.
  • Politics of the European Union. The political system and institutional structure of the European Union is to be presented and you should know more about the development of integration into the EU. You are to analyze the issues and main processes concerning EU and apply the various theoretical methods of investigation.
  • International Law. Initially, this topic should discuss the origin of International Law and the principals it bases on. It covers issues on the international political and social systems and spread of its implementation.

If you prefer topics of international relations thesis, which need practical training, you can try the following ones:

  • Communication of different cultures. You have to observe values and concepts of other cultures and classify the differences between studied phenomena.
  • Management of conflict control. Here you can analyze the nature and types of conflict, discuss the approaches of management to its solution. In addition, you can take into account the case study, what will be a good practice for you.
  • International simulation. The topic is quite difficult for the discussion, but showing your competence in that what course the negotiation can take and what outcome the inside relations have, you can brief the conflict situations in different countries. Statistics and other supported material will be of some help.

The Main Theories And Priorities

The course of International Relations integrates and interacts with various sciences such as culture, politics, jurisdiction, geopolitics and others. It is due to the all-round nature of this course.

So an international relations thesis can base on both closest subjects and theories of different scholars.

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