How to Write Thesis


How to Write Thesis

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Excerpts from Thesis

Hebraism had its own kinds of complexities. The issue of whether there are many gods or only one took centuries to work out. The same was true of questions about whether god is a person or a nature power, like a jealous tribal chieftain or like a caring father, powerful enough to win local battles or powerful enough to have created the whole world. Evolution from the ethics of vengeance (seventy of theirs for one of ours) through the ethics of justice ("eye for an eye," "son for a son") to "justice tempered with mercy" accompanied the development of the ideal of ethical monotheism. Idealizing a god who created the world and mankind by an act of will, who contracted with Jews to lead men to do his will, and promised punishment for those who refuse (and thus sin), and exhibited repeatedly mercifulness to Jews and others who did not deserve it finally developed. The will of God revealed from time to time and recorded in scriptures, together with multitudes of interpretive comments ( Talmud and Torah), provide authoritative sources of knowledge. Hebraic theism and scriptures continue to contribute influentially to our present predicament, both directly through Jewish religious teachings and practices (and Zionist and Israeli military budgets and political policies) and indirectly through influences on Christian and Islamic doctrines and practices.

Two Jews, Jesus and Paul, are credited with originating Christianity. Jesus taught that "love casteth out fear," "Heaven is here within you or among you," and "God is love." Paul taught "Christ and him crucified, and risen from the dead" and repentance for sins in readiness for the return ("second coming") of Christ. Differing in terpretations by New Testament writers were complicated by difficulties expressing Jesus' Aramaic ideas in the Greek language shaped somewhat by philosophical controversies. Early church fathers disagreed among themselves so much that King Constantine, converted on a battlefield when promised victory, called them together to settle their differences. The creed drafted at Nicaea and modified at Chalcedon became orthodox. Conflicting interpretations were declared heresies. Although demanding credal acceptance brought some unity, diversities of views expressed in the books of the Old and New Testaments constituting the church-authorized Bible continue to serve as sources of conflicting interpretations.  

Christian theology shaped up in the mind of Augustine, a Roman Catholic bishop who had previously been converted to Manichaeism (belief in the two gods of light and darkness) and then to the neoPlatonism of Plotinus (who had absorbed Hindu ideals of ultimate reality without distinctions).

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