How To Write Good Essay Openers


How To Write Good Essay Openers

Writing good starting points are often those that lead the essay reader into your thoughts about the thesis statement of the essay topic.

  1. The first step of essay writing is thesis statement. Your thesis statement writing is a summary of your entire paper. It states an opinion or point of view, and previews the evidence you will use to support that opinion. Here is an example of writing thesis statement.
  2. Some students try to write their introduction last because they do not know exactly how the English essay will be structured until it is in draft form.

Your essay reader is given a summary route map to help clarify what is to follow. There is, however, a much more fundamental reason for thinking carefully about your essay introduction and thesis statement. Writing supporting evidence keep in mind essay paragraphing coherence.

Thesis Statement Sample

Thesis Statement: Daytona Beach is a great place to take a vacation because of its warm climate, good beaches, reasonably priced motels, and major auto/cycle race track.

Notice that this English essay thesis statement has two parts:

(a) A statement of opinion; and

(b) A list of the supporting evidence.

Here are the two parts:

  1. Statement of opinion: Daytona Beach is a great place to take a vacation.
  2. Supporting evidence for essay thesis statement: warm climate, good beaches, reasonably priced motels, major race track.

Now try these exercises.

Exercise 1. Write the two parts of the following thesis statement in the spaces.

Thesis Statement: Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise since it tones the muscles, decreases the risk of heart attack, and does not strain the back or joints.

  • Statement of opinion:
  • Supporting evidence:

Essay Writing: What Are The Main Tips?

Writing the introduction is your opportunity to set the intellectual and conceptual level of your college essay.

Reference to established research or important issues is not compulsory in an introduction, but you do yourself no service by beginning in a way that creates a poor impression.

Making reference to writers and researchers has a curiously reassuring effect on some readers who feel more confident that as a writer you have taken notice of other sources of authority from the very beginning.

You may not like this convention, but an early reference to serious issues, perhaps with a sideways glance at existing research, does not go amiss if you want to pitch the level of your college essay writing as high as you can.

Writing interesting academic essays obviously helps, but you need not sacrifice substantial content for fear of boring your reader.

Academic essays writing is usually assessed rather than published.

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