How To Write An Annotated Bibliography


How To Write An Annotated Bibliography: What Should You Know?

How to write bibliography? This term is used in several senses. The term may be applied to a SUBJECT BIBLIOGRAPHY;

  • A subject bibliography is a list of books or other printed material on any chosen subject.
  • A subject bibliography may aim at comprehensiveness, even completeness; or it may be selective, intended to list only such works as are most important, or most easily available, or most closely related with a book or article to which it may be attached.
  • Bibliographies following a serious essay, for example, may be merely a list of sources used by the writer of the essay, or they may be meant to point out to the reader sources of additional information on the subject
  • In a related use, the word designates a list of works of a particular country, author, or printer.
  • Bibliographies of these kinds are sometimes called ENUMERATE BIBLIOGRAPHIES.
  • The process of making such lists either by students or by professional bibliographers is also referred to as bibliography.
  • And, finally, the use of the term is to denote the methods of work of student and author: reading, research, taking of notes, compilation of bibliography, preparation of manuscript for the press, publication, etc.

How To Write An Annotated Bibliography?

Bibliographies mean a list of lists of works dealing with a given subject or subjects.

  1. An "annotated bibliography" is one, in which some or all of the items listed are followed by brief descriptive or critical comment.
  2. Annotated bibliography usually consists of 150 words description.
  3. Annotated bibliographies are a concise description of the book.

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