How to Write a Research Paper


How to Write a Research Paper

If you are asking yourself a question ‘how to write a research paper’ it means that you do not know how to start doing a research. The first step of research paper writing is the choice and analysis of the topic. Once the topic is defined narrowly enough, you can conduct a focused research. Read as many sources as you need to understand the topic. Next, write down the outline and put one full sentence for each idea. Now you can start writing.

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Sample of Research Paper

The use of the butanol in the nitrocellulose type of lacquer is one of our best examples of how a new chemical compound can revolutionize an industry. Prior to its appearance a minimum of 26 days was required to finish a fine motor car, for the simple reason that paints and varnishes in use until that time dried slowly. Not only did this mean tying up large values in goods in process, but it was becoming difficult to obtain apprentices for the finishing trade, and to find housing where the work could be carried on without an inordinate investment in brick and mortar. The development of these cellulose lacquers changed the whole picture, and instead of days, hours were all that were needed to complete the job. The ease of application, the range of colors, the short drying time, the protection afforded, the resistance of the lacquer to cleansing agents, and its general service were factors in its rapid spread to other industries where metal and eventually wood were to be coated. The paint and varnish industry was obliged to add an entirely new category of lacquers to its stock in trade and to adjust itself to a new situation.

The lacquer industry has by no means stood still. In fact, it has been constantly changing with synthetic resins now making their way in competition with solutions of nitrocellulose and, with more recent applications of dispersing agents, with lower surface tension, there have even appeared lacquers in which the more expensive and inflammable solvents have been replaced to a considerable extent by water. This in turn has broadened their field and made possible the use of this type of lacquer for applications where absorption, as on a porous surface, must be accomplished. The water emulsions appear to be better for this use in a number of instances.

But this has not been the end of the story, for with these newer solvents coming from the fermentation industries, attention has been concentrated upon them and we find them now coming from petroleum, from the chlorination of fractions of natural gas, and from synthesis, in which gases are polymerized to form a never-ending list of' new solvents for special uses. Indeed, whole new industries have sprung up and grown as a result of this advance, and it seems likely that the research worker will enable the production man to continue the program of devising solvents of special characteristics for specific uses. Further, nitrocellulose for lacquers is now being rapidly displaced by synthetic resins. Change characterizes the chemical industry.

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