How To Write A Report


How to Write a Report: Let Discuss the Key Points

Academic report is a kind of independent research that you need to know how to write. It is a research, where the writer reveals the essence of the investigated problem; presents different points of view, as well as his/her own views on it.

Stages of Report Writing

You need to know the stages of the report writing:

  1. Selection and examination of the main sources on the subject (it is recommended to use at least 8 - 10 sources)
  2. Bibliography writing
  3. The processing and systematization of the material
  4. Preparing conclusions and generalizations
  5. Development of the report plan
  6. Report writing
  7. Public appearance with the results of the research
  8. The report combines three researcher’s qualities:
    1. The ability to conduct the research
    2. The ability to present the results
    3. The Ability to answer on the posed questions competently.

There is no denying the fact, that a distinctive feature of the report is a scientific, academic style.

How To Write A Report: What Is The Academic Style?

Find free example of a report to see how to write it. Academic style - it is a special way of the text writing, most suitable for writing educational and scientific works.

This style defines the following rules:

  1. Proposals can be lengthy and complex
  2. The use of words of foreign origin, different terms
  3. The introductory construction as "likely", "we believe"
  4. Author’s position must be less expressed , that is, it should not have pronoun "I", "My (view)"
  5. The text may meet stamp and common words

What Should We Add?

How to write a report on the human sciences you may find by searching relevant topics and human report sample.

Report on physics, chemistry, biology and other scientific disciplines have some distinctive features. Thus you also need to know how to write them if needed. Practice in report writing now will give you the knowledge how to write other scientific works.

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