How To Write A Process Analysis Paper


How To Write A Process Analysis Paper

It is necessary to correctly use the term “experimental investigation” - not any empirical study is experimental. It is therefore necessary to remember that an empirical study, in contrast to the experimental, should not contain in its conclusions allegation on the cause-effect dependencies between variables.

The findings should contain only the approval of the relationship of variables and the extent of their significance. It should also be paid attention (especially in the experimental study) to the form of monitor of variables, which may have a direct or indirect impact on results.

The Useful Information! Attention, Please!

The most close in form and style to the scientific student papers (provided as research paper or term paper) is a PhD thesis, so the general requirements for its formatting may be extended to the English process analysis paper.

In connection with this, the most adequate form of presentation of results in the academic paper (approved by centuries-old practice of world science) can be considered three part process analysis paper.

Three Equally Important Main Sections

1)Introduction to the problem of the study (brief literary review) with the stating of goals and objectives, developing research programs,

2) A description and analysis of the results, results discussing in accordance with the original goals and objectives;

3) Conclusion. It is the summary of the whole process analysis paper. The structure of the process analysis paper must be logical, easy to understand the essence of scientific research.

What Advices Do The Professionals Give?

Sometimes in the process of analysis papers writing, the student tries to pick up theoretical and practical parts of the paper, which do not correspond to the logic of scientific presentation. It is not so much important, in what way scientific results were received - based on the theoretical generalizations of the already known facts (with the possible use of logical or mathematical modeling), or the facts, empirically received by the analysis paper writing.

The most important thing in the academic process analysis paper is novelty of the scientific results, which is impossible without a certain theoretical synthesis of empirical data.

Students’ analysis paper should cover three sides

  • Past (the statement of the problem, facts),
  • Present (what is received directly by the paper writer),
  • The future (how obtained paper writer’s results change the state of the problem of the study).

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